Maybe one day I'll get around to producing a podcast for our team(!) but in the meantime, I'll repost podcasts I think you'll be interested in here.

Social Media's Impact on Our Emotional World

Social media and technology have a big impact in our emotional world.  Overuse of social media can lead to unhealthy comparisons with others, jealousy, and even getting caught up in delusional thinking. We think going online to check Facebook or Instagram will make us feel better, but instead it makes us feel worse.   Despite this, we return to it again and ...

How to Balance Your Hormones

According to Psychology Today, our hormones are "silent drivers of behavior and personality, and their molecular fingerprints are on everything from attraction to appetite." Our hormones have a big say in who we are and what we do! Join hormonal expert, Dr. Mariza Snyder, and Rebecca Hintze as they how to balance your hormones!

Emotional Coding

Everything we experience in life is recorded by our body/mind. Like computers with complex processing systems. By becoming alert to our processing systems—both consciously and subconsciously—we become more capable of changing our thought processes so that we can better create what it is that we want. Join special guest Tracy Lyman and Rebecca Hintze!

Discovering the Vagus Nerve

Healthy mental and emotional wellness is always a critical key to success, especially around the holidays.  Join special guest Dr. Misty Paul and mental health professional Rebecca Hintze M.Sc. PS. Check out the latest  online mental health courses with Rebecca!

Gut & Mental Health

For years we’ve known that how we eat affects our heart health, weight, skin, sleep habits, and so much more. What we haven’t learned until recently, however, is how closely nutrition is linked to our mental health.  Today we will look at the gut-brain connection.  And it’s greater than you ever imagined. Melissa Esguerra guest stars. 

How to Heal Depression With Sensory Pathways

Depression is a growing epidemic that can affect not only our lives but those around us. How do we heal from such a prevalent problem?  Author Cherie Burton shares with Emotions Mentor solutions for depression through our sensory pathways. 

Six Ways to Strengthen Self-Worth

Many varying beliefs pervade our families and affect our self-worth and our ability to give and receive love.  Some people believe it’s good to be friendly, while others teach that it’s best to be reserved and quiet. Some think that the only way to live is to coexist with your extended family throughout life; others believe that it’s not normal to live with ...

Key Steps to Developing Resilience

What happens when your life starts falling apart? Do you fall apart too or are you able to bounce back?  Terri Pace joins the Emotions Mentor podcast to talk about the most important steps you need to take to become resilient and strong for anything life throws at you. 

Mental Health & Men

Men, in particular, are less likely to reach out and get help when dealing with a crisis. And men are more prone to suppress emotion and consequently deal with addiction. In this podcast, listen to successful entrepreneur James Bybee and mental health expert Rebecca Hintze talk raw and real about the issues surrounding men's mental health and how we can work...