• Welcome back for Round 3!!


    Are you guys so excited about this camp?!?!

    We can’t even tell you how excited we are. We love ALL our camps, but this one is just...just...JUICY.

    We get to dig deep here, to talk about some important life stuff.

    Are you ready?


    To get started, watch this first video:


    We’ve told you guys in the past about dōTERRA’s Empowered Life Series.


    In February 2017, the topic was Mood and Emotional Health, and they shared some FANTASTIC content.

    We’re going to pull in some of the videos from that series so you can get the information!


    The first one is from Laura Jacobs, a holistic health practitioner and essential oil educator extraordinaire.

    We love her!


    Click here to access the series.

    Laura’s video is the THIRD VIDEO on the page, so jump right to that!


    P.S. We know you want ALL the info from that event, but hang tight!

    We’re going to incorporate a few more pieces as we go along in camp.




    After watching today’s videos, your challenge (should you choose to accept it!) is to do a little introspection.


    Think about these questions and do a few minutes of journaling.

    • What has kept me from making my emotional well being a priority in the past?
    • Am I experiencing life the way I want to?
    • If not, what would I rather experience in my life?
    • Am I willing to DO something different to get different RESULTS?


    To support you in this assignment, and throughout this entire camp, download and print the Oil Camp 3 workbook



    This next video is from Nicole Stevens, Research and Development Scientist at dōTERRA. She is passionate about essential oils and has conducted scientific research on them for over 15 years.

    In this video, Nicole helps us understand the science behind WHY these emotional aromatherapy oils produce tangible results in how we feel.

    We don’t want you to watch this whole video, though, it’s quite long.

    Start at the 3:18 mark and end at the 10:15 mark, ok?

    Those are the key pieces we wanted Nicole to help us cover today.
    We’ll talk about the rest ourselves as we move along in camp!

    Remember that Oil Properties Wheel Nicole showed in the beginning as she talked about the chemistry of different plants?

    Here’s where you can find it!


    Alright, we’ve laid the foundation for how to use the Emotions Wheel, and we’ve talked about the science behind why those oils work.

    But before we get into the specific essential oils, there are a few resources we want to introduce you to at here at the beginning of camp.

    Do you have any of these?
    How do YOU use them?



    Are you ready to dive into the essential oils?!?


    Over the next several days, we’re going to introduce you to each of the 6 oils in our Emotional Aromatherapy line.

    As we do this, we’re also going to weave in some additional resources, ideas, and affirmations that apply to the topic we’re discussing that day.

    We’re going to hit our emotional wellbeing from a LOT of different angles in this camp, so hang on tight!

    Let’s take a look at Motivate® Encouraging Blend. This oil is definitely a crowd-pleaser!!



    TIP: If you don’t have a copy of the Emotions Wheel, here’s a link to it


    As we move through camp, we want to provide you with some take-home tools you can use to support your journey to emotional well being.

    Since we’re talking about Motivate® today, here is a card that tells you what this oil does, how to use it, and some affirmations that will help you feel more powerful, confident, and motivated.


    You’ll also find these cards in your Oil Camp 3 workbook!

    If you’d like, cut them out and keep them in your essential oil case so you can refer to them often.




    So as we talk about Motivate® being a powerful tool to help us move forward in our lives, let’s do a quick group check in.

    What is one thing you want to do with more consistency?
    What do you want to "get back to"?
    What's your plan for doing it?





    Today is all about Cheer® Uplifting Blend!
    This oil is delightful, have you tried it yet?
    Watch this next video for some ideas about how to use it!




    Have you ever heard the concept of a Joy List?
    Watch this video to learn what it is, why it matters, and what to do with it!


    What are your thoughts on this idea of incorporating more JOY into your life?
    Do you already do this?
    Or do you find it difficult?
    If so, why?


    Have you ever heard the concept of a Joy List?
    Watch this video to learn what it is, why it matters, and what to do with it!


    What are your thoughts on this idea of incorporating more JOY into your life?
    Do you already do this?
    Or do you find it difficult?
    If so, why?


    Enjoy this affirmation card specific to Cheer® Uplifting Blend!

    Have you ever heard the concept of a Joy List?
    Watch this video to learn what it is, why it matters, and what to do with it!


    What are your thoughts on this idea of incorporating more JOY into your life?
    Do you already do this?
    Or do you find it difficult?
    If so, why?




    Make your own Joy List!

    Put some oils in your diffuser, grab a pen and your workbook, and create a list of (ideally) 15 things that don’t cost money, and 15 things that do cost money.



    How was that for you?
    Was it easy to come up with 30 things total?
    Did you find it challenging?
    Was it easier to come up with free ideas or ideas that cost money?
    What else did you notice?



    Ready for some PASSION?!?

    The Passion® Inspiring Blend is designed to counteract feelings of boredom, disinterest, and discontent.

    There are a LOT of aspects in our lives that sometimes need a little spicing up, wouldn’t you agree?


    Whether you’re struggling to find purpose in the line of work you’re in, trying to reignite your joy for motherhood, or wanting to reconnect in a relationship that has become a bit stale, consider trying Passion® essential oil.


    Watch this video for some specific ideas!

    Enjoy this affirmation card specific to Passion® Inspiring Blend!




    Now we’re going to talk about Forgive® Renewing Blend.

    Don’t let the name of this blend fool you, there are a LOT of things you’ll use this oil for!




  • I also think this video is really helpful because it gives some separation to the different levels of forgiveness. What do you guys think?

    Enjoy this affirmation card specific to Forgive® Renewing Blend!




    You’ve heard us reference the book “Emotions and Essential Oils”, but today as we discuss Passion® oil, we want to share with you a direct quote from that book.

    “When appropriate, inspiring blend [Passion®] encourages individuals to take risks, to confidently face their fears, and to break free from the limitations they place on themselves.” (Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing, 4th ed., p.79)


    So here’s the question we’d like you to consider...What limits are you placing on yourself??

    What risks are you afraid to take? Where are you playing small?


    We’re not asking you to make changes on these things in this moment.

    But what we do know is that AWARENESS PRECEDES EMPOWERMENT.

    We can’t begin to resolve or shift a problem we can’t even see.

    So let’s take a minute today to LOOK at the problem. To notice it. To get curious about it.


    An important note before you begin...your ONLY JOB here is to play the role of observer.

    You are not stepping in to JUDGEMENT of yourself, you are simply OBSERVING.

    Can we agree to that?



    Have you ever been sad? Lonely? Hurt? Worried? Afraid? (Have you ever been HUMAN?!?!)

    Today’s featured blend is Console® Comforting Blend. This beautiful blend is designed to bring comfort during difficult moments.

    You can use it consistently if you are experiencing a prolonged period of difficulty, or use it occasionally when moments of need arise.

    Watch this video for some additional tips and ideas on how and when to utilize this blend!




    Enjoy this affirmation card specific to Console® Comforting Blend!



    As we talk about emotional well being, we definitely want you to know about the AromaTouch® Technique!

    This is an incredibly powerful tool to enhance both physical and emotional wellness, I wish I could get one every single week.

    Watch this quick video to see why!



    Have you ever had an AromaTouch® before? What was your experience?




    In addition to the full AromaTouch® Technique, dōTERRA has also developed the AromaTouch® Hand Technique as a way to provide a portion of the benefit of an AromaTouch® in just a fraction of the time.

    This is a FANTASTIC way to calm, uplift, and connect with the people in your life.


    Your challenge today has two parts:


    Part 1: Go to the AromaTouch® website and learn the Hand Technique. It is very quick and easy to learn, it just takes a couple of minutes!

    (Click on the “Hand Technique” tab, then “Step by Step” to learn the process. You’ll notice some additional resources there as well, including a “Suggested Oils” sheet and a “Q&A” section. Have fun exploring!)


    Part 2: Using any oil you’d like, GIVE an AromaTouch® Hand Technique to a loved one! A child, a partner, a friend, ANYONE!

    How did it go?!?

  • Today we’re going to talk about Peace® Reassuring Blend. While any of our Emotional Aromatherapy blends can be used on children or adults, many dōTERRA users have found this blend to be particularly helpful for their kiddos. If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, insecure, or worried, this blend is designed to bring you PEACE.

  • Enjoy this affirmation card specific to Peace® Reassuring Blend!


    Well, we’ve now covered the 6 oils that make up dōTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy kit.

    Pretty cool stuff, right?!?!


    But listen, we CANNOT talk about emotions without talking about nutrition and gut health.

    They are inextricably linked! We’re bringing in another video from the Empowered Life series on Mood and Emotional Health…this one is from Cherie Burton.


    The first time I heard Cherie speak at a dōTERRA Convention years ago, I was blown away.

    Her story is so powerful, her mission to empower those battling mental and emotional challenges so inspiring.

    She has studied psychology for many years and is a wealth of information.

    The products discussed will be familiar to you from Oil Camp 2, but in this video Cherie will help you understand why these products also support your EMOTIONAL well being.

    It’s empowering to understand the correlation!

    Click THIS link, Cherie’s video is the FIRST one in the series.



    Remember that joy list you made back on Day 3?!?!

    Today we want you to DO SOMETHING from it!!


    Are you guys ready for some Extra Milers?!?!


    As you know by now, our Extra Milers are never required - but if you want to participate, you’ve got two options in this camp and you can choose whether to do one or both.


    Option #1: Story Extra Miler!
    You guys have heard SO MANY of our stories after all these camps together.
    We want to hear YOURS!!
    Grab your phone and record a quick selfie video telling us about an oil YOU love and how or why you use it! (This doesn’t have to be emotion-specific, and there’s no need for props or anything fancy…just tell us your story!)
    Email it to us!
    We’re SUPER excited to hear your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Option #2: Video Extra Miler!
    There is SO much good information in the Mood and Emotional Health event, but we simply didn’t have time to include it all in Oil Camp 3.

    However, an Extra Miler is the perfect spot to put in one more video!!

    This one from Laura Jacobs is so informative, but at 42 minutes long it was a bit much to include as a regular daily post.
    If you’re hungry for more information about emotions and essential oils, check this one out!
    It’s the LAST one in the series at the bottom of the page.




    Today is all about LOVE.

    Love, love, LOVE.

    There is a universal need we all share to be loved, to be appreciated, to feel seen and heard and understood. Let’s take a moment today and focus our energy on showing LOVE...won’t that make for an incredible day??

    You might have a child in your life who needs some extra one on one time today.
    You might have a spouse or partner who needs to know you still SEE them.
    You might have a friend who needs to feel you still care.
    You might have a parent, a grandparent, an extended relative who needs to hear that you value their role in your life.
    You might have a coworker, a boss, a leader who always seems to have it all together...so much so that no one ever thinks to ask them if it’s true.
    You might meet a stranger who is desperately in need of a sign that they matter.
    YOU might be the one who needs a little love from you.

    All around you are people to love. People to lift. People to strengthen. And it doesn’t take much to make a difference!

    So play a card game.
    Write a love note.
    Call a friend.
    Visit a grandparent.
    Drop off a plate of goodies.
    Look someone in the eye and tell them, “I SEE YOU.”
    Look YOURSELF in the eye and say, “I love you. You’ve got this. I’m here for you.”

    So what will you do to show LOVE today?

    And just as importantly, will you allow yourself to RECEIVE love today?


    Hey-hey, Happy Monday!!


    Alright, we’ve covered the Emotional Aromatherapy kit in great detail, and now we want to share some stories about a few other essential oils.

    We clearly can’t cover EVERY oil here in this 10-day camp, but we want to give you a sampling so you can see what it “looks like” to use essential oils for emotions in everyday life!





    Now let’s talk about two more must-have oils…these are staples in our home!


    Prior to this camp, did you realize that every single essential oil has both physical AND emotional benefits?

    I know when I first started using essential oils, I was primarily drawn to them for my family’s physical health.

    But now? We use the oils all the time for their amazing emotional benefits.


    Have you noticed a particular essential oil that you’re really drawn to?

    As in, you want to douse yourself in it every 5 minutes?

    Chances are your body would really benefit from that oil.

    Something in there is exactly what your body needs, which is why you feel so drawn to it.

    Pretty cool, huh?!?




    Remember that Daily Drop app we introduced you to in Oil Camp??
    Have you been using it?

    There is a really cool feature in there that we want you to know about, so today’s challenge is to open your app and check it out.


    Once in the Daily Drop app, tap the menu bar on the top right and select “Determine Your Mood”.

    Rank your mood, then tap “Show Results”.

    Notice how it gives you a list of oils in order of how beneficial they would be to you based on your emotions?

    Cool, right?


    But it gets even better.

    Tap on the first oil it pulled up for you.

    You’re now seeing some tips on how to use that oil, but notice where it says “View Daily Drop”?

    There are three short videos you can watch to get even MORE ideas about oils that will help you manage that emotion.

    This is a really amazing tool we have right at our fingertips!




    We talked in the very first video of camp about how our thoughts influence our emotions.

    Let’s circle back to that conversation now and discuss it in more detail with the help of Cherie Burton.

    Click this link to watch, Cherie’s video is the FIFTH one on the page.




    Alright friends, we’ve talked a lot in this camp about how to use essential oils to support your emotional well being.

    We’ve given you tools and ideas to get started caring for yourself on ALL levels, beyond just your physical health.

    The question we have for you now is this…where in your life do you have influence?
    Where could YOU make a difference for someone else?


    Perhaps it’s your child needing a sense of calm at bedtime.
    Perhaps it’s your aging parents needing help with a life transition.
    Perhaps it’s your coworker needing motivation to get through a big project.
    Perhaps it’s your gym buddy, or your neighbor, or your best friend, needing comfort during a stressful situation.

    Where do you have influence?

    Have you had any moments during camp where you thought, “This would make a difference for ______.” And if so, what’s your plan?


    There’s space in the workbook for you to jot down some ideas as well.

    In life I’ve learned that if I’m thinking of someone, there’s usually a reason.

    So when I have these ideas, I like to write them down so I remember to act on them.

    Take a minute to record your thoughts in your workbook, then make a simple plan to put your ideas into action.

  • Good morning, good morning!!

    Today we wanted to invite you in to share a conversation with us about looking after your mental and emotional health.

    It's not oil related at all - it's just good advice.


    One thing I forgot to mention is how I like to have a morning playlist of affirmations that get's me ready for the day.

    Here's a great playlist I made of some really inspirational ones - feel free to grab the tracks you like and make your own personalised playlist.

    I like to change mine up for different seasons, depending on how I'm feeling.



    And finally, if you're interested in the book I spoke about the grown up version is here:


    But the kid version that I used is here:



    Oil Camp wouldn’t be Oil Camp if we didn’t talk about Healing Hands!!

    This next project is so near and dear to my heart. We had the privilege of hearing Tim Ballard, the founder of OUR Rescue, speak at a dōTERRA Convention.

    This man is doing INCREDIBLE things to end child sex trafficking, but there are SO MANY children suffering and so few people who really and truly realize it.


    dōTERRA partnered with OUR Rescue a few years ago and has been providing financial support to this amazing organization through the Healing Hands Foundation.

    Shortly before forming this partnership, dōTERRA Founder and CEO, Dave Stirling, had the opportunity to join Tim and his men for a sting operation.

    Dave said the experience was life changing, and he knew that dōTERRA absolutely had to get involved in supporting this cause.

    I think chances are good that you will feel the same...watch this news clip to see why.


    Sometimes we like to think that these problems are happening far from home, but what you may not realize is that this is happening HERE.

    In your community.

    We’re not saying that to cause fear, but to bring awareness to this staggering problem.

    We can’t sweep it under the rug anymore.

    We can’t sit in our safe, comfortable homes and do NOTHING when there are children enduring horrible, unspeakable things EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.


    So what can we do?

    We can get involved.

    We can donate to Healing Hands, or directly to OUR Rescue.

    We can TALK about it.

    Bring ATTENTION to it.

    Help others see that this isn’t something we can ignore.


    Did you ever see Hotel Rwanda?

    Do you remember that scene in the movie when Paul (Rwandan citizen) is talking to the camera man who has captured horrible footage of the genocide and is trying to get it on the evening news around the world?

    When the cameraman alludes to the fact that people may not come to the rescue, Paul asks this poignant question...“How can they not intervene when they have witnessed such atrocities?”


    The cameraman then delivers this horrifying (but all too recognizable) answer:

    “I think if people see this footage, they’ll say ‘Oh my God, that’s horrible’...and then go on eating their dinners.”


    My friends, we cannot go back to our dinners.


    Let’s intervene, shall we??

    For more information about Our Rescue and how you can get involved, visit www.ourrescue.com. 

    Thanks in advance for exploring this cause!



    We’ve talked a lot throughout our Oil Camps about the idea that FEELING GOOD MATTERS.


    When we feel good on the inside, we literally raise our body’s energetic vibration.

    Science has documented that our bodies have an energetic system (in addition to our cardiovascular system, digestive system, lymphatic system, etc.) That vibration—what we are putting out into the world—can be a low frequency, a high frequency, or anywhere in between.


    Just as animals have non-verbal methods of communicating and influencing other members of their species, this is part of how humans accomplish the same thing. Low frequency emotions are feelings like fear, sadness, worry, jealousy, anger, and blame. High frequency emotions are feelings like gratitude, joy, love, empowerment, passion, optimism, and hope.


    Have you ever heard someone say, “That woman just exudes happiness! (Or peace, or jealousy, or anger, or love…)”

    This is what it means! It feels palpable, because it IS palpable!


    Other humans, often without even consciously realizing it, feel and respond to the energetic messages we are communicating.

    When we feel GOOD, we literally send a very different message out into the world than we do when we DON’T feel good.

    We shine a little brighter.

    A LOT brighter, actually.


    In a very real sense, how you FEEL inside yourself literally has the power to influence and uplift and add light to those around you.

    Feeling good IS doing good!! Does that make sense?


    Can you let that sink in, let it really settle in to the deepest part of your heart and mind?

    Feeling good IS doing good!


    Feeling good isn’t frivolous.

    It isn’t trivial.

    It isn’t selfish and it can’t be your last priority.

    Can you see that a little more clearly now?

    Can you accept it with a little less resistance?

    Your happiness matters.

    It matters because YOU matter.

    And it matters because the world needs the influence of happy, grateful, optimistic, empowered, and joyful people.

    People who treat others with kindness. With acceptance. With love.

    Will you be one of those people??




    So here’s your final challenge of Oil Camp 3.

    After all of this conversation, all of these videos, all of these new ideas…what do you want to do?

    What do you want to change? What do you want to implement?


    Open up your workbook and spend a few minutes journaling.

    Are you willing to accept responsibility for your emotional wellbeing?

    What old thought patterns do you want to change?

    What new thought patterns will you choose?

    How will you nourish your new beliefs?

    How will you support yourself as you start making these changes?

    These are just ideas to get you started, feel free to write as much as you’d like.


    Alright, campers. This is our LAST POST for Oil Camp 3. We’re so sad to say goodbye!


    Thank you for being here.

    For showing up to support each other.

    We hope you got what you needed while you were here.


    We offered a lot of different ideas, tools, and resources for you to draw from.

    We don’t expect you to take all of it. But we invite you...DO take what resonates.
    Take it, and USE it!

    Put these tools to work in your life to help you feel better and live happier.


    So…..as we wrap up Oil Camp 3, this marks the end of our 3 month training program for new essential oil users.

    But that doesn’t mean that we’re done forever!

    As you know, we have events happening all the time, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to stay connected!


    On a related note, I want to take a moment to touch on something that often comes up about now.

    We find that by this point in our training program, people are beginning to “get it”.


    They see what dōTERRA is all about, they see the ability these oils have to improve people’s health, and they feel the POWER this community has to do a whole lot of good in the world.

    Some people see and appreciate that solely from a customer perspective.

    They love supporting a company that provides amazing products AND operates with integrity.


    Others start feeling drawn to be a part of it themselves.


    If that’s you, if dōTERRA’s mission and vision resonate with you and you want to join the movement, reach out to your coach!

    Whether you want to get involved in a small way or a big way, we’ll show you what it looks like to be a Wellness Advocate with

    dōTERRA and how to get started.


    We’ll guide you in how to be successful as you teach families around the world how to live healthier, happier, more empowered lives.

    And we’ll get you connected to a community of people to support you and cheer you on!


    We would be honoured to have you partner with us in that capacity.


    If there’s anything more we can do to support you, please reach out!

    We are here for you and we are invested in your success.


    Sending so much love to each of you,


    Your Oil Camp Coaches

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