• Welcome to Oil Camp II!

    We are very excited for this camp!


    During the first level of Oil Camp, we focused almost entirely on the basic set of essential oils so that you could get really comfortable using them right away. But there is SO MUCH MORE to dōTERRA and our philosophy of health and wellness, and that’s what we get to explore in Oil Camp 2!

    Ready to dive in?

    Watch this orientation video to get started!

    So we’ve talked about the Wellness Pyramid and where we’re going during Oil Camp 2.

    Let’s now dive into the topic of Nutrition!

    The worksheets referenced in the video are found here.


    For your daily challenge, we invite you to download and print the Oil Camp 2 Workbook.

    You’ll want to use your workbook to follow along with us as we journey through the next 10 days together! We’ve provided space in the workbook for you to take notes throughout camp as well. Enjoy!



    Today we’re going to talk about nutrition.


    As you learned in a previous video, we firmly believe that good nutrition is the foundation of our health and well being. You probably have this same belief, too, but the question for all of us is this: Are we LIVING what we believe??

    We ask that not to call up any guilt, but simply to give you a space to start to take inventory of where you are at this point in your life. For most of us, healthy eating can be quite the roller coaster ride of commitment, can it not?!?! We’re all in this together, friends. :)

    You heard us talk briefly about LLV during Oil Camp 1, but this product deserves a whole lot more than a “worthy mention”!

    Over the next two days, we’re going to revisit the Lifelong Vitality and discuss some other key products that do amazing things for our bodies.

    We’re also going to share with you some simple life hacks to make it easier to implement and be consistent with new routines!

    Watch this next video, then come back and share your thoughts.

    Is consistent good nutrition a struggle in your life?
    What makes it difficult for you?



    You’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics in recent years, and for good reason!

    Watch this next video to learn about dōTERRA’s PB Assist®, what makes it unique, and why you want this product in your corner.

    (And in your gut!)

    Have you tried PB Assist®?
    Do you think you will?

    We’ve talked today about a lot of benefits that are available to you as you up-level your nutrition. Tell us, what are you most looking forward to?

    • More energy?
    • Better sleep?
    • Improved mood?
    • A happier digestive tract?
    • Increased mental clarity and focus?
    • Stronger immunity?
    • Less “occasional discomfort”? ;)

    Your challenge today is really easy.

    We simply want you to eat something GREEN!!

    (As in a VEGETABLE...not mint ice cream. ;) )




    Have you ever eaten a meal that seemed to sit in your stomach like a rock? Do you sometimes feel like your body isn’t processing food through your system the way that it should?

    Do you ever feel bloated, sluggish, or *cough*...gassy??

    TerraZyme® to the rescue, my friends.


    This product is truly a HIDDEN JEWEL among dōTERRA’s line-up of amazing products. We want you to understand why!

    Want more info?

    Check out the product information page on dōTERRA’s website. There is some basic information that comes up on the first page, but make sure to scroll down to the bottom and click “Concept” to get the full story!



  • TERRAgreens

    Have you ever tried a “greens” product before?
    I’ll never forget the first one I ever tried, I about threw up. I was super interested in the health benefits, but the TASTE??

    Enter TerraGreens®...a much tastier solution.
    Check it out!

  • Set up for success!

    When it comes to establishing new health habits, setting ourselves up for success is KEY!

    Watch this next video for some tips about meal planning and prepping to make implementation a breeze!

  • Exercise

    Today we’re going to talk about...EXERCISE!!

    (Did you see how I wrote it in all caps? Like it’s this really exciting thing???

    That’s because it IS!!!)

    If you don’t feel that way now, it’s ok. Truly. 100% OK.
    But watch this next video and then let’s chat. Sometimes we just need to re-script our story.

    Let’s get some idea sharing happening here! We’ve put together a document for you of some of our favourite exercise resources, click the following link to download it!

    Ok, let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a minute.

    We are talking about some emotionally charged topics.

    Nutrition and exercise are conversations that we tend to approach with a lot of resistance. We bring a lot of baggage. We sometimes show up with our armour on, not willing or wanting to let anything get in. Not because we don’t believe it, not because we don’t know better, not because we don’t want it...but because it’s hard and we’re emotionally not ready to make a change. YET.

    Listen, wherever you’re at with eating right and exercising, we’ve been there. We’ve gone from mac and cheese and donuts to green smoothies and kale salad and back again. We know the struggle very personally. Here’s the key though. We want you to SEPARATE EXERCISE FROM WEIGHT LOSS. (Say what?!?!) For real.

    For a lot of us, we start working out because we’re ready to get serious about losing weight and getting in shape. We almost think of exercise as the “price we have to pay” for the poor decisions we made in the past. We don’t want you to equate exercise with punishment.

    Movement is joyful!


    It feels good to our bodies, it fuels our creativity, it feeds our souls. We invite you to approach this with the mindset that you are REBUILDING YOUR RELATIONSHIP with exercise. You’re turning it into a joyful part of your life. You’re doing it because you love it as its own stand-alone experience...not because it is something that will lead to weight loss. How does that sit with you?

    Can you get on board with that approach?

    Now, let’s cover some awesome essential oils and tools that will support you in living an active, healthy lifestyle!

    Your challenge today is to get your body MOVING!! Here’s what we think would be fun... Dance Party!!

    Whether with your kids or alone in your underwear, we don’t care. Pick a song you love and dance your heart out!!

  • Can we talk about stress??

    It’s just downright NOT GOOD for our bodies. Check out this video that explains why!

    Break out your Oil Camp Workbook and take inventory!

  • So now that we have an even better picture of why we want to reduce our stress, let’s take a look at some essential oils that will support us in that!

    What are some of YOUR favourite oils for relaxation?

  • One of the very best ways of all time to reduce stress is to LAUGH. Really, really hard.
    There are few things in the world that feel as good as laughing until you cry, am I right?!?!

    Let’s take a moment now and just, you know...see what happens. This woman’s joy is infectious!! :)

  • Your CHALLENGE for today is to implement a really simple evening self-care routine.

    Just for one day, give this a try and see how it feels.


    There are two things in particular that should go into this routine:
    1. Turn off your technology at LEAST 20 minutes before you go to sleep.
    2. Spend the last 10-20 minutes of your day doing something that nourishes your body and soul.


    Here are some ideas to consider, choose what speaks to you!

    - Relax with a hot cup of tea
    - Snuggle up with a warm blanket and a good book
    - Diffuse a calming oil (like Lavender, Balance, Cedarwood, Serenity, etc.)
    - Do some “night before planning”…figure out what’s coming up tomorrow and get organized tonight!
    - Do a few minutes of calming yoga or stretching
    - Do some simple gratitude journaling; find 5 things that you are grateful for today and write them down!
    - Have a heartfelt conversation with a loved one
    - Spend a few minutes in prayer or meditation

  • Sleep

    Did you know that sleep is really, really important?

    Way more important than a lot of people realize.


    Unfortunately, it’s usually the first thing to go when life gets busy.

    If you find yourself “burning the candle at both ends” a little too often, we invite you to take your sleep a bit more seriously.

    Your body will thank you!!

    For some of you, as much as you would LOVE to get a good night’s sleep, it just doesn’t come easily to you.

    In fact, it might be one of the biggest frustrations in your life.

    Whether you’re just looking to up your sleep game, or you need a complete sleep overhaul, let’s talk about some healthy, natural solutions!

    Let’s take inventory! Grab your Oil Camp Workbook and let us know where you’re at!

    Here's two of the links I talk about in the video:

    - Six Weeks to Better Sleep

    - F.Lux


    We’ve talked about the idea of habits, routines, and consistency a LOT during this camp, but hopefully you can see why!
    Knowledge is one thing, but action is a completely different ballgame.


    We want you to feel empowered with ideas to help you take ACTION so you can really experience better health and wellness in your life.

    Here’s our final life hack video to help you make good “sleep hygiene” (yep...it’s a thing!) a solid new part of your life. :)

    We’ve covered a LOT of concepts this week!
    As we wrap up this first week of Oil Camp 2, let’s throw in some Extra Miler options for you!

    This optional challenge is to make a PLAN for yourself.

    Eating well is SO MUCH EASIER when you have a plan in place!!

    Drawing on any resources you want, take a few minutes and create a 7 Day Meal Plan for yourself that is both healthy AND delicious.

    (Make sure it tastes good, ok?!?! We’re looking for SUSTAINABLE change here!)
    Just jot it down on a piece of paper.

    For 5 of the next 7 days, move your body for at least 10 minutes!
    Whether a full-on morning workout, a lunchtime walk with a friend, an after school dance party with your kids, or an evening yoga video to wind down before bed, do SOMETHING to generate energy and balance for yourself today!

    For 5 of the next 7 days, get AT LEAST 7.5 hours of sleep!

    This may take some advance planning and rearranging of your schedule and priorities, but it will be worth it.

    EVERYTHING in life flows better when we are well rested.

  • Welcome to week 2!

    How are you guys feeling?
    Did you have a good weekend?

    Today we get to talk about reducing our exposure to unhealthy chemicals in our homes. I love this particular conversation.

    This idea of Reducing Toxic Load is one that can feel overwhelming, but don’t go there!

    We’re not looking for a complete overhaul today, this is about moving the needle.

    Our hope is that you can learn a few easy tips and implement them NOW!

    Then in a few days or a few weeks or a few months, make a few more changes. Sound doable?

    Pull out your Oil Camp Workbook and let’s take inventory.

    Which area of your life do you think needs the most attention from you when it comes to reducing toxic load?

  • skin care

    As women, one of the easiest places to majorly reduce toxic load on our bodies is by re-examining our skin care line! A few years ago, I would have said it was overkill to make a big deal out of chemicals in deodorant, lotion, perfume, skin care, body wash, etc. But now, I have a better understanding of why these things matter, and how much all the small little choices in our lives add up to have a big impact…for good OR bad. I’d rather make simple changes that will lead to a big GOOD impact, wouldn’t you??

    Watch this video explaining dōTERRA’s all-natural Veráge™ skin care line. I think you’re going to love these products!

  • DDR Prime

    This next product is a POWERHOUSE and I’m so glad we get the opportunity to showcase it for you here today! It’s always a challenge for those of us who teach essential oil classes, there are SO MANY THINGS we want to share with you when you come to learn about oils and there just isn’t time in our basic intro classes! I love that we have this space at Oil Camp 2 to dive deeper with you and expose you to some of the other INCREDIBLE tools you have available to support your wellness.

    Let’s talk now about DDR Prime®! We can’t say everything we want to about this product, but trust us...you want this one in your corner. ;)

  • Your CHALLENGE today is to choose 1 toxic product in your home and DITCH IT!!

    Here are some ideas to consider as replacements for some commonly ditched items:
    - Ditch antibacterial hand soap... Consider On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash instead!
    - Ditch “regular” deodorant… Consider dōTERRA’s Natural Deodorant (or make your own!! Recipes abound online!)
    - Ditch “regular” toothpaste… Consider On Guard® Natural Toothpaste!
    - Ditch “regular” laundry soap... Consider On Guard® Laundry Detergent (or make your own homemade detergent)
    - Ditch dryer sheets... Consider putting a few drops of essential oil on a damp washcloth and add to your load of laundry prior to drying
    - Ditch “regular” lotion... Consider using dōTERRA’s Hand and Body Lotion with a few drops of your favourite essential oils (or make your own lotion if you’re ambitious!)
    - Ditch “regular” cleaning sprays… Consider making your own simple cleaning sprays using essential oils (search the dōTERRA Blog for recipes!)

  • For those of you who really feel drawn to improving this “reducing toxic load” area of your lives, this next video will give you a sneak peek of some targeted support to help you jump start the process!

  • We are really excited for today’s content. You may have picked this up about us by now, we absolutely LOVE essential oils! But oils are one of MANY amazing tools you can have in your Wellness Toolbox. So let’s talk today about some other resources we use and love in our own lives!

  • Today we wanted to bring you a panel discussion from our coaches so you can hear some of the other health modalities we love and use in our own families!

  • Are you guys ready to hear something REALLY COOL??

    Have you ever wished there was a healthcare clinic where you could be seen by providers who understand the power of essential oils and other alternative therapies? Who support you in your desire to take a more natural approach to your health care? Who act in PARTNERSHIP with you to develop comprehensive treatment plans that take the WHOLE YOU into account?

    We have. Actually, millions of us have. And that’s why dōTERRA is leading an innovative movement in healthcare that not only addresses the desires we just outlined, but also provides a very real, very legitimate solution to the healthcare financial crisis we’re in. Our current model of healthcare is astronomically expensive and frighteningly unsustainable...but dōTERRA is working to change that. Check it out!


    Today your challenge has two simple parts.

    1) Pick a modality you have been interested in, whether one we discussed or something else you’ve heard of, and simply look up a care provider in your area. You don’t have to make an appointment, but take that first step in figuring out who your local resources are!

    2) If you’d like to see a clinic opened in your area, pre-register for dōTERRA Healthcare!
    There is no fee for this, but it’s really valuable information for dōTERRA as they determine where to roll out their integrative healthcare clinics!

    You can pre-register at https://healthcare.doterra.com

    Are you guys about ready to wrap this thing up??
    Pull out your workbook and join us as we close out this Oil Camp 2 experience.

    What is your Primary Focus Area?
    How are you feeling about your plan?

    If you've been around us very long, you know we are pretty big on making a difference in the world. Each of us can do SOMETHING.

    You learned in Oil Camp 1 all about Co-Impact Sourcing, the Healing Hands Foundation, and some of the projects dōTERRA is up to around the world. Now, we want to introduce you to another project that dōTERRA has donated hundreds of thousands (and counting!) of dollars to. These are our Healing Hands donations at work, friends!

    Have you heard of Days for Girls??

    If you haven't, you need to know about this amazing organization. Days for Girls provides feminine hygiene kits to girls all over the world. You see, in many countries, parents don't have the resources to provide sanitary supplies for their girls. And do you know what happens when a girl is on her period and she doesn't have the proper supplies to care for herself? She can't go to school. And do you know what happens when girls don't have access to education? That starts the unraveling of her life story. And it doesn't have a happy ending. But something as simple as proper feminine hygiene supplies can completely change her story!!

    I know for me, this particular plight wasn't one I had thought about when contemplating the needs in the world. Hunger? Yes. Shelter? Yes. Human trafficking? Yes.

    But periods? No.

    It's such a normal part of life it never occurred to me the ramifications these girls face because of a biological cycle that is completely 1) NORMAL, and 2) out of their control. But once I became aware of the need, of how the story goes for these girls when they can't access education, I wanted to do something. Watch this video to see what Days for Girls is up to!


    Want to get involved??

    Find a chapter near you at www.daysforgirls.org!

    Friends, hasn’t this been an awesome day?

    This is my absolute favourite day of Oil Camp 2.

    The power that comes from good people doing good things in the world is just incredible.

    So we’ve talked about what dōTERRA is up to, but now we want to hear from YOU!

    What’s YOUR passion project? What do you feel compelled to be a part of? What causes touch YOUR heart?

    This can be ANYTHING! From supporting your local Girl Scout troop to visiting the elderly to ending world hunger, we would love to hear about it! If there’s a cause you love, share the website and why you’re drawn to it! If you’re embarking on your own humanitarian adventure, tell us about it! It doesn’t matter if it’s just a little seed in your heart or a full blown cause...what speaks to you?

    How do YOU want to do good in the world??



    Alright, folks, this is our LAST POST of Oil Camp 2. ☹

    But here’s the thing…we really like you guys and we were so sad to say goodbye that we decided we need just ONE MORE CAMP…

    How would you feel about Oil Camp 3?!?!

    If you’re ready to take your essential oil knowledge up yet another notch, join us on Oil Camp III (coming soon) to dive into the wonderful world of EMOTIONAL well-being!


    Don’t make us say goodbye to you yet, ok?!?! :)

    Thanks for being here with us at Oil Camp 2.

    You guys are the best!!

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