• How to get the most out of your membership!

    Are you ready to learn how to get the very MOST from your new dōTERRA membership??

    Membership Perk No.1

    Hopefully you know about this one already and it's the reason you opted to join us as a doTERRA wholesale member... you get to shop at a 25% discount!!


    So, how do you access it?



    Go to MyDoTERRA.com
    Sign in with your ID and Password


    (Not sure where to find this? Just search your email! You will have had a message from service@doterra.com)


    The prices you see once you are logged in are your discounted prices.


    Take a quick minute now to log in and take a look. Don't worry about how to place orders etc... yet, we'll talk you through it in a bit. Just check you can log in!

    Any problems - contact the person who introduced you.
    We're here to help

    Membership Perk No.2

    You might be surprised to see your 'renewal fee' listed as a perk, but trust us, it is!


    You know how at Costco, for example, you pay the same membership fee over and over again, year after year?

    DoTERRA does things differently.


    When it comes to renewal, your fee is only £15 instead of £24, which is nice, but there's something even better to tell you about it.


    Every year, on your membership anniversary, you will get a FREE bottle of peppermint oil. That's worth £14, so you're basically getting next year's membership for £1. Woo-hoo!!


    P.s. whilst we're on the subject of peppermint, have you guys tried this super yummy diffuser recipe yet?


    3 drops lime
    2 drops wild orange
    1 drop peppermint
    1 drop spearmint


    Give it a try and let me know what you think.

    Membership Perk No.3

    Every single month DoTERRA is going to offer you a different product at 10% off, ON TOP of your 25% discount.​


    And they also offer some pretty awesome product promotions, for example, in December, they offered a free bottle of FRANKINCENSE (the big 15ml one!!) with any order of 200PV or more. That's a £63.33 bottle of oil that we all got for FREE!!!


    Don't know what PV is? Let me explain. PV is super important.

    It stands for 'Personal Volume' and every single doTERRA product has a PV assigned to it. DoTERRA runs all of their product promotions, sales, deals and commissions based off PV so it doesn't matter if you are in euros or GBP, we're all getting the same deal on the same products. Although the promotions vary in different markets (Canada, you'll have different offers to us in Europe at different times) the value of the bonuses and commissions etc... is exactly the same, the only variance in those is the currency.

    We are an international company, and this makes it really easy for us to be able to know exactly what we get from customers, whether they ordered in Australia or Africa.

    So keep an eye on that PV amount and match your order to that!

    I know what you're thinking. How do I know when these deals are happening?


    There are three easy ways to stay in the loop:
    1) Check your email - DoTERRA sends an email at the beginning of each month to let you know about the promotions. You can also sign up for our Restoration Oils monthly email here.
    2) Log in to your account! You'll notice a banner ad that always displays this months current promotions
    3) subscribe to the restoration oil team Facebook group and make sure you switch notification 'on'. We'll always be posting about promos and events

    Membership Perk No.4

    The Loyalty Rewards Programme​


    Of all the perks we mention today, this is the one you really want to pay attention to. This is where we pull out the big guns!


    It deserves a whole video because it's so awesome, so check it out:



    After watching the video, do you feel like you understand the loyalty rewards program and how it works? Any questions?


    P.s. if you are someone who likes to see things in writing, here is the flyer that explains the loyalty reward program in detail:


    Membership Perk No.5

    Our next membership perk is PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!


    You probably noticed this in the last video, but let me explain a bit better how it works.


    When you place an order, of 125pv before the 15th of the month, the DoTERRA fairies will send you a FREE essential oil. every. single. month.


    You just do your regular shopping, and this little bottle of magic will arrive with your shopping, completely free. It's a great way to try a new oil each month. I've discovered some absolute favourites that I would never have thought to order myself this way.


    So, tell me, if you were the doTERRA fairy, what product would you make a product of the month for everyone this month?

    What one thing do you think you would never want to run out of?


    Membership Perk No.6

    Shipping Credit!


    Let's talk about shipping for a moment. To alleviate some of our shipping costs, dōTERRA has instituted the Shipping Rewards Programme, and here's how it works:


    If you place a Loyalty Rewards Order (NOT a standard one-time order) and it's done online (NOT by ringing customer service) then you will get 100% of your shipping costs credited back to you in product points.


    It's not exactly free shipping, but it feels like it!


    When you add shipping reward points to your regular loyalty reward points, it starts to add up to free stuff pretty quickly, and that means you can buy valuable oils like Frankincense and Helichrysum, without having to spend a dime!


    Do you have a 'luxury' product that you're saving up to get for free?
    What's the first thing you want to buy with your Loyalty Reward Points?


    Membership Perk No.7

    Healing Hands

    We've been talking about some of the generous compensation plans dōTERRA has for us, as customers, but as you will remember from Oil camp, one of the things we love most about dōTERRA here at the Restoration Oil Team is their work with the Healing Hands Foundation.


    As dōTERRA members, we feel the opportunity to partner with the healing hands foundation is definitely a membership perk.


    Here are our three favourite things about it:


    1) Projects that make a real difference. When you give to a cause that you believe in, you want to feel safe that you know your money is going to where you think it is, not to something dishonest or fraudulent - or even just getting absorbed into admin costs. The projects that dōTERRA supports are all well-established with clear and legitimate needs.


    2) Humanitarian Service Trips - another really cool thing about dōTERRA is that they organise humanitarian service trips that you can participate in! They coordinate all the projects, travel, and details, so you can just show up and serve. These projects fill up really quickly, so you will need to plan ahead. For more information, look under 'Our Caring' tab on the dōTERRA website.


    3) Accountability - Healing Hands produces powerful results in the lives of the people it changes. As dōTERRA members, we get regular updates on the projects that are going on and the impact that they have around the world. It's an incredible experience to be sitting at convention and watching a video of girls in Somaliland having the opportunity to attend school for the first time because of partnership and resource dōTERRA has brought to their village and realise that in some small, but tangible way, I helped to contribute to that. I helped those girls to a better life. A safer life. An educated life. That is a huge win for me.


    Here's a quick taste of what I mean:



    Perks in Action​

    So now that you understand some of your shopping perks, watch this next video that walks you through your LRP template and how to tailor it to your needs.


    Don't you love how it is completely customisable?




    Membership Perk no. 8​

    Customer Services

    So, have you ever had a challenge with a product or service you were paying for? One where you actually had to CALL them??


    I don't know about you, but I always dread phone calls like that. I procrastinate and put off making that call forever, because I hate it when I have to waste a morning sitting on hold for hours, only to have the automated system drop my call for no reason whatsoever.


    Guys, this has NEVER been my experience with dōTERRA. Their customer service is honestly some of the best I've experienced anywhere. If you ever have a question about an order, an issue with your account, need help to understand your commission checks, want to know about an ingredient in a product, need information on sourcing, and so much more... CALL THEM. They are sooooo lovely.


    As your support team, we want to help you as much as we can, but we're here for product education and usage tips. If you ever have questions like:
    - what month does my membership renew?
    - when will my LRP points show up in my account?
    - One of my bottles leaked in my shipping...
    Then you need customer services.


    They are way better equipped to help you, and in all honesty, all I'm going to do is call them if you ask me this stuff. You'll get an answer much quicker by going direct. They're super friendly, helpful, and always eager to make things right - and I've never personally been on hold with them for more than about two minutes.


    Take a minute to quickly add these to your contact list:
    0203 318 0064 europeanorders@doterra.com

    If you're in Canada it's:

    America is 1-800-411-8151

    We're a growing team, so if you don't see your country listed, let us know and we'll add it!




    Membership Perk no. 9



    Speaking of people in your corner, when it comes to education, no one does it better than dōTERRA. This post deserves a whole video.

    Check it out.




    Membership Perk no. 10

    MORE Education


    This one was so big we split it into two posts! I told you we were serious about education....



    Membership Perk no. 11



    Another HUGE perk of joining dōTERRA is joining a community of like-minded people. There is so much power in a community.


    Watch this next video to find out a little bit about ours.



    Membership Perk no. 12

    Hostess Gifts


    Whether you're a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate, there are great benefits to sharing what you've discovered about dōTERRA with other people (you know, like the FREE STUFF kind of benefits ;-) )


    So here's what we're going to do.

    Remember those people we talked about that you wanted to invite into our community?

    Let's get them set up with a class. Connect with us to select a good time and we will come and teach a private group of just you and your friends/family.


    Whether we get together in person, or online, let's not leave your friends and family in the dark any longer.

    Whether it's a big class of 7-10 people, or whether you want to set up a small chat with just 2-3 friends, our passion as wellness advocates is to provide education and hope to anyone who wants it.


    "For he who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything."
    (Owen Arthur)


    Ready to be a hope-give? Contact the coaches!

    We have some great hostess gifts lined up for you guys.



    Membership Perk no. 13



    The only perk we haven't covered yet is the opportunity to GET PAID for helping people get connected with life-changing health-solutions. We've talked about a lot of great perks today, but hands down, the very best way to get the most from your dōTERRA membership is to spread the word!!


    You may not have considered sharing dōTERRA as a business, but if you love your oils, and you find yourself talking about them with your friends and family, you might want to watch this video:




    What now?


    In summary, to get the most from your dōTERRA membership, you will want to do three things:


    1) Make sure you take this REALLY HARD QUIZ to test your knowledge of the membership perks.

    Don't worry, we grade on a curve ;-)
    Super hard quiz
    | | |
    V V V


    2) Get educated on your oils and practice USING them. If you haven't done oil camp yet, sign up for next month!!
    Get involved in all the free education we have available to you, whether it's live classes in your local area, online resources like the classes in our Facebook group, the Empowered series... Take advantage of what is available to you.


    3) Take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Programme and SAVE!!


    Optional - but kind of a no-brainer, share dōTERRA with your friends and family, and get rewarded for it.


    Contact one of our coaches if you need support with this.


    Thanks for being with us this week... be well!!


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