Oregano Touch™ Roll-On

Oregano Touch™ Roll-On


The doTERRA Oregano essential oil roll on provides a gentle option for those with sensitive skin to receive the renowned benefits of Oregano essential oil. 

Oregano Touch™ Roll-On Testimonial

"One morning l noticed a pimple like thing appear on my upper arm. I picked the top off it thinking it would disappear and then it came back like a wart. So everyday l rolled Oregano onto it. Minimum twice a day sometimes more often. The oregano started to dry it out, the wart started turning black (gross). This began in November, tt fell off 2 days after Christmas. The whole core came out and left a slight crater in my arm. I then put correct x on it and at bedtime I'd rub a bit of Lavender on it. It has healed beautifully now. No scar and its gone, roots and all. I'm a happy camper!"

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