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    These classes are always available for you to view as a member, but we can also run them as limited time Facebook classes for your friends and family. Drop me an email to ask how that works and how you can be rewarded for sharing with the people who need it.

    Maybe you have heard about Essential Oils and wondered what all the fuss was about, maybe you have started to use them in your home already...but whatever the reason that you decided to attend, I am glad you are here.

    Learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively with your little ones.


    The time is upon us: healthcare is changing and dōTERRA is leading the way.

    In this class we are going to share with you how integrative medicine is going to become more acceptable in the near future with special clinics in your neighborhood.


    We hope you are excited to learn about this wonderful oil and all it can do to support your health.

    The use of many different techniques is necessary to put your patient’s joints and spine back into the correct alignment, easing discomfort.


    Using Essential Oils in your practice is the perfect natural partnership for supporting your patients both during and between adjustments.

    This class sets out to explore the appearance of essential oils, and the plants and trees they are derived from, in the Bible, and to tell you a little about the modern versions of the oils and how they are used.

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