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Wrinkle Release Spray

· Essential Oils

I hate ironing. It's seriously the worst chore.

When I was a college, we had teaching days, but also salon days where we had to wear white tunics and they had to be pristine. You could literally fail an assessment because a tutor thought you didn't look smart enough.

Thing is, no matter how neatly pressed my tunic was, I had to walk 30 minutes to get to the college, which a back pack and an arm full of folders, and inevitably the tunic was crumpled when I got there.
So I learned this neat trick that not only helps repair a crumpled garment, but can be used instead of ironing any garment - because life is too short for ironing.

DIY Wrinkle Release Spray

Mix together your warm water and until thoroughly blended. Stir in the vinegar and pour it into your bottle.

To use, gently mist the item (don't soak it - just dampen) and the stretch out the creases. If it's a heavier fabric you may need to lay it on a flat surface to apply some pressure. Lighter fabrics often just drop out with a slight pull.

You'll need to either lay it flat to dry, or keep the pressure lightly on whilst it's drying (I found a hand dryer in the bathroom sped things up!)

What's nice about this spray is that you can make it up in advance and it keeps really well (thanks to the essential oils in the conditioner) so you can have it in your handbag when you're travelling - much easier than bringing an iron!

You can also spray the fabric and hang it by a shower or over a kettle in your hotel room. Whilst steam will often get the creases out by itself, if it's not, this will speed up the process.
Give it a try!

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