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7 Reasons you need Vetiver

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Vetiver is an interesting oil.

Almost unanimously the first time I let someone smell it they tell me it's not for them.

I thought so too the first time I tried it, but I've come to love it and I think you will too.

Vetiver has an incredibly complex aroma. It's smoky, woody and a bit like damp grass. On it's own, I don't think anyone particularly loves it (although I'm happy to be corrected, let me know in the comments!) but it's become a staple in the perfume industry for a few reasons.

Firstly, because it's so viscous. If you find your vetiver oil is extremely thick and sticky - don't panic! There's nothing wrong with your oil - it's supposed to be like that and it's why I recommend adding a little carrier oil before you place it in a diffuser.

This thick consistency acts as a fixative, allowing more volatile scents to last longer.

It adds a warm earthy aroma, which is perfect for more grown up scents, or as a base for men's soaps or colognes.

So here are seven more reasons to try vetiver in your home:

1. Vetiver is also fantastic for calming the mind. Try diffusing it with some Wild Orange when you're studying or reading - or when the kids are doing homework. It's a homely, warm autumnal fragrance that just settles everyone and promotes a really peaceful atmosphere.

2. Need to chill out? Draw yourself a warm bath and mix 15-20 drops of vetiver with a capful of spa body wash and place under the running tap. Pop on your favourite relaxing playlist and turn down the lights. Instant chill.

3. Add Vetiver to your night cream - seriously, every time I do this I'm asleep in minutes and I sleep right through to the next morning. My husband says it's like I've been drugged, but I wake up fresh as a daisy the next day. It's my favourite use of this oil.

4. Grounding - Vetiver can be used in massage for it's grounding aroma, but I like to also just have some pre-diluted in my sensory soother blend (recipe in the VIP customer group!) to help with bringing myself (and kids) back to the present if we're starting to catastrophise.

5. Add it to your tea or hot drinks for a powerful immune-boosting, autumnal drink. I really enjoy it in a matcha-cacao latte.

6. Create a welcoming aroma by diffusing it with lavender and ylang ylang. Relaxing and uplifting, this was the scent I chose to welcome all the new students to our boarding house this year, and I'm still diffusing it regularly in the office whenever I'm on duty.

7. How could anyone not want vetiver in their life after learning about how we source it?

Check out the video below:

What's your favourite way to use vetiver?

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