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Understanding PV & LRP

We know, some of the terms used in dōTERRA can be a little confusing at times.

We want to make it as simple as possible, but seeing as how we have customers all over the world, currency isn't a great way to assign value to something, so we use a points system. Genius right?

Every single product in dōTERRA is assigned a points value. It's roughly equivalent to a US dollar (they're based in Utah after all).

So when we talk about an order of 50pv, we're really saying about £38, or $67 in Canada, or 780 Rand in South Africa.

Why do we care about points?

Well, some of our offers are points dependant.

If I want to offer customers a free oil as a thank you for spending a certain amount, I will set the bar in points value, or PV, so that my customers all over the world are able to see exactly what the offer is, without trying to work out the exchange rate right now and whether we're both using the same conversion rate to see if they qualify.

Secondly, in dōTERRA, if you are part of the loyalty rewards programme (or LRP), you can earn points back on every purchase, and use those points to redeem free products! In fact, you can earn up to 30% back every month!

That's better than any rewards card I know of, and it's one of the reasons I buy all our personal care products through LRP - from toothpaste to shampoo - it all adds up.

Don't worry if it's confusing, we'll help you through all of this with oil camp and a coach assigned to you when you first enrol, to help you get started at whatever level you're comfortable with. Nobody has to join the loyalty rewards scheme, it's just one of the perks that is available to you.  

If you are interested in learning more about the loyalty rewards programme, check out the video above.

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