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Perfectly Simple Paleo Pancakes

Meal Plan like a Pro

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We don’t always meal plan, but I like to at least start each term with a plan!

Anyone who has taken part in one of my Seize the Season: Autumn Cleanses will know that meal planning is one step towards taking the burden of micro-decision making off your mind and freeing you up to make more important decisions about what you want your life to look like.

When we do create a meal plan, I like to enlist the help of the family in finding meals and recipes that will be going on there. The whole day runs a lot smoother if they a) know what to expect and b) had some control of the planning of it.

When it’s time to create a meal plan, my children will almost universally want pancakes for lunch at least once a week. I’m not complaining. Our chickens lay a LOT of eggs, so it’s a great way to incorporate them making these pancakes super budget friendly in our house.

We can use subscribe & save to get pretty much all the other ingredients at 15% off, making it really easy to schedule and saving me time and money. Again, automating things that don't need my expertise, like shopping, helps me to be so much more productive.

These paleo pancakes are super easy to make and if I’m feeling fancy I can use muffin rings to make perfect little round stacks of fat, Japanese style, pancakes.

More often than not though, I simply pour the batter on a silicone sheet and bake one giant pancake which I slice into squares and stack on my kids plates.

Depending on what’s in season, what we have with our pancakes will change. In the summer it will be berries from our orchard and honey from my uncle. In the autumn we will drizzle them with maple syrup with a little On Guard oil added (if you haven’t tried this, it’s amazing), or I’ll make Miso Salted Caramel for added probiotics to support our immune systems.

If we fancy a chocolate fix I might whip up a quick chocolate sauce, but more often than not my son will spread this hazelnut chocolate spread, which has no added sugar or nasty ingredients.

However you enjoy your pancakes, this recipe is always a winner in our home and it’s so quick to make.

Blitz all the ingredients in a blender until they are silky smooth.

If you are using muffin rings you will probably get 6-8 pancakes out of this quantity. If you bake it in a tray, you will obviously get as many squares as you cut!

We usually have plenty left from me and the two kids, but they store nicely and can easily be popped in a Tupperware in the fridge once cooled.

My two like to snack with them later in the day and I often have them for breakfast the next morning.

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