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New Products: Citronella Essential Oil

I'm super excited to bring you education on the new products we are seeing released at convention this week. The first is citronella essential oil - which is one I think most people are at least a little bit familiar with.

Almost everyone knows about the fresh, crisp fragrance of citronella candles or sprays to keep annoying pests away, and you can use this oil topically and aromatically just like that, but like all essential oils, it has a multitude of benefits, not just the famous ones!

It's a really clarifying and cleansing oil which is great to apply topically over irritated or stressed tissue locally. Dr Hill recommends diluting the oil, not because it's 'hot' or sensitizing, but actually because we want to keep the oil locally on the area we're applying it to. Remember that essential oils are extremely volatile, so it's important to dilute them if you want them to remain where you put them!

Topically, you can combine with cilantro or melaleuca for beautiful healthy nails. You can add it to your cleanser or DIY your own - It blends fantastically with wood oils like hinoki for this purpose.

The cleansing properties of citronella make it a fantastic choice to add to your shampoo for shiny healthy hair, as well as being soothing to the scalp, and you can even use it on your pets for ongoing pest protection.

You can also diffuse citronella oil, to support and regulate a normal appetite, and it's calming a soothing to the autonomic nervous system, specifically, it helps to regulate normal healthy levels of GABA. If you don't know what GABA is, it's WELL worth researching this neurotransmitter and how low levels could be affecting your mood and emotional health.

If you're wanting to experience this, you can diffuse it in your diffuser, or just drop a little in your hands and breathe directly from there.

You can purchase all of the new products together in a 'convention kit' for a limited period only. The cost is 40% less than purchasing products individually. First 10,000 purchases receive a free 'Together' blend.

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