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New Products: Adaptiv

Adaptiv is an incredible new product line that launched in the US last year and we're excited that it's going to be available in Europe! Whilst the GABA supplement has not been approved for use in Europe (no GABA supplements are1) the Adaptiv essential oil blend does have some pretty amazing science behind it's ability to support your body's natural production of this incredible neurotransmitter.  

To start with, the top note is Wild Orange, commonly used to promote emotional well-being because of its unique energising, yet calming aroma. Clinical research has shown that both aromatic and topical application of Wild Orange promote a positive mood and support a relaxing environment.

It also contains the calming and relaxing aroma of Lavender. Whether applied topically or used aromatically, many (human) clinical trials have validated the ability of Lavender’s aroma to improve mood, reduce feelings of anxiousness and stress, and create a restful environment.

One of my personal favourite oils, Copaiba, is also key to this blend. Copaiba has the highest known concentration of beta-caryophyllene, the benefits of which are almost endless. Whilst being a powerful antioxidant, it also supports the immune and respiratory systems when used internally, it's great for the skin topically, and it imparts aa uplifting aroma that research suggests may be beneficial to those attempting to abstain from unhealthy habits. It's supportive of digestive health, calming the nervous system and so much more that it really needs it's own website!

Spearmint has been included in the blend because of it's key monoterpene ketone, carvone. Which, along with having numerous benefits when applied topically, human clinical research has shown to have an uplifting and arousing aroma.

All floral essential oils have calming and relaxing properties, but the Magnolia in Adaptiv has one of the highest concentrations of the monoterpene alcohol, linalool, which has been shown in experimental research to promote a calm environment and feelings of relaxation.

The next key oil is Rosemary which has high concentrations of alpha-pinene, 1,8-cineole, and camphor. These three monoterpenes combine to create a comforting aroma that clinical research shows to increase feelings of alertness and focus, whilst also reducing feelings of stress - making it an excellent aid for those who are studying or preparing for exams.

Neroli is included for its unique mood-modulating characteristics. Large numbers of clinical research validate the ability of Neroli essential oil to provide calming feelings when experienced aromatically. It's a beautiful oil (and one of my favourites to use on its own) that lends a beautiful subtle fragrance which reminds me of when I worked in spas with decleor.

The final ingredient is Sweetgum or Liquidambar which is a unique combination of volatile aromatic compounds that are not commonly found in other essential oils. It smells floral and like pine, with spicy notes and is commonly used to promote a calm and restful environment15.

The Adaptiv blend is going to be available in a 15ml for diffusing, but also as a 10ml touch blend so you can keep it in your handbag and use it 'on the go' whenever you feel like you need a little more support for your mood and emotional health. You can apply it topically to the neck and wrists or roll it in your hands and breathe it in.

The 15ml works well in a diffuser, can be used neat as above, or mix with some Epsom salts for an incredibly soothing and uplifting bath experience.

If you need more tranquillity in your life - you need Adaptiv in your life!

You can purchase all of the new products together in a 'convention kit' for a limited period only. The cost is 40% less than purchasing products individually. First 10,000 purchases receive a free 'Together' blend.

*update* Unfortunately the convention kit sold out in just a few hours! You will be able to purchase Adaptiv at full price through your account soon.

1. The production and sale of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) supplements was officially banned in the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in 2003.

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