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Miso Salted Caramel

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Miso salted caramel is one of those things that you really just have to try to understand how amazing it is.

The first time I ever had it was earlier this year, when Matt and I spent a day in London before going to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. We found this amazing restaurant for lunch, called Caravan, where we enjoyed deliciously flavoured water kefir, and an orange pudding with miso caramel to die for.

It was so good that we simply had to recreate this recipe at home and immediately began to scour the internet for the answer.

To explain how I ended up with my miso caramel recipe, I feel like I need to take you on the journey of how we got there, and how you can stop at any one of the stages that got me there and tweak the recipe to suit your family/dietary requirements.

First of all, we have a traditional miso caramel recipe:


  • 80 g Butter

  • 240 g Whipping cream

  • 2 tbsp Miso

  • 1 Vanilla pod

  • 200 g Caster sugar


Edit 1

We’re a refined sugar-free family, so that sugar had to go. I’ve had great success replacing sugar with either honey or maple syrup, depending on what I have on hand. The boiling point is slightly different, but I honestly find it handles much better than sugar and I have rarely burned a batch. You can boil it at quite high temperatures and safely make a delicious caramel.

Edit 2
I have to be dairy-free for my thyroid. You can replace the butter with coconut oil and the whipping cream with cashew butter. Boil it with the other ingredients (minus the miso - that needs to be stirred through at the end to retain probiotic benefits) and it thickens up beautifully and tastes amazing.

Edit 3

We use ground vanilla.

I’m lazy.

It’s easier.

Edit 4

My son’s allergy test came back that he was allergic to coconut! Massively disappointing because this avocado and coconut oil blend had become my staple butter replacement.

Vegetarians and vegans, prepare to skip this bit…

...we substituted in duck fat.

I'll be honest, it’s not where I saw myself going with this, but we are so limited with dietary restrictions in our family and it was just really hard to find a fat that has a high smoke point that no-one in our family was allergic to.

Not gonna lie, reactions have been interesting.

It seems people who are very happy to roast their potatoes in goose fat were very offended by their desserts containing duck fat - even though they’d already eaten said dessert and told me how delicious it was and asked if could they have the recipe.

Look, I’m not going to go all out and say that everyone should do this - if everyone in your family is happy with butter, I’d go that route personally, and if not, then the avocado/coconut oil blend is amazing.

But if you can’t manage either of those, duck fat is an option. The flavour is super mild and it goes with pretty much everything.

Edit 5

Stir in 1-2 tbsp of IQ mega at the same time you are adding the miso. It helps support your families health as well as adding a mild wild orange flavour - what’s not to love?

I’ve served this caramel with pancakes, I’ve served it over a Wild Orange cake, we've had it on chocolate cake, over ice cream (I'm a big fan of it with Booja Booja's caramel pecan praline), I’ve eaten it from the jar on a spoon (and caught my kids doing the same) and I can tell you, there is no wrong way to eat this caramel.

It’s delicious.

Have a go and let me know which version of this recipe you’ll be making!

P.s. Did you know you can make your own miso?

Chickpea miso is amazing and great if you are avoiding soybeans.

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