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Productivity Hacks for the Unproductive

In a world of technology with all the information and entertainment we could ever want at our fingertips it can be so hard to focus, especially for those of us with  executive dysf...

Sensory Solutions for your Sanity

Often when I walk about 'sensory solutions' people assume I'm talking to the neurodivergent community - but hold up! I want to talk to EVERYONE about the the importance of your sen...

Focus & Concentration

Sometimes I'm hyper-focused on a task, to the exclusion of all other tasks, but sometimes I'm definitely not. Lack of focus can lead to me needing to re-wash the laundry five times...

The Seven Types of Rest

Have you ever felt completely exhausted, but no matter how much you sleep, you don't seem to be able to recover your spent energy? I have. For years I suffered with chronic fatigue...

My Shower Routine

Have you ever been so tired that you just can't quite seem to get anything done? I recently mentioned on a facebook live about the fact that I came home from a conference and was s...

Pain as part of the puzzle

A few years ago I was making an introduction between a fairly new friend (who I knew at that time to be extremely busy with a large, young, family, and running his own business as ...

Managing Anxiety: Without Medication

If you have struggled with an anxiety disorder, you'll know that it really isn't fun. Even worse was having my daughter diagnosed with it too, and realising that she was suffering ...

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