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It's an incredibly exciting time in dōTERRA Europe, because today was the launch of our buy one get one sale!

If you're on my mailing list for my monthly newsletter you will already know about the incredible offers available to you, but for those who missed it, they are:

  • Buy Copaiba and get Deep Blue free
  • Buy Zengest and get Smart & Sassy free
  • Buy Spearmint and get Lime AND Purify for free

I thought I'd write a post for those of you who have bought the offers sharing some great ideas on how to use your lovely new oils.


Use aromatically, topically and internally

Copaiba is one of my absolute favourite oils and I was so excited to see it included in this offer. You can use Copaiba oil in your 'purefume' and it adds a beautiful warm, rounded scent. It blends well with Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Frankincense and any of the floral oils. Simply add a few drops each of the oils you want in a roller bottle, top it up with fractionated coconut oil and enjoy your new personal fragrance, without all the toxic chemicals!

My favourite purefume recipe for me is made with Copaiba, Neroli, lime and Hinoki, but if I'm making up a cologne for my husband, I prefer to mix copaiba with sandalwood, Frankincense and just a drop of Green Mandarin.

Copaiba can also be taken internally, and I do, often, to support the cardiovascular system, my digestive and nervous systems, as well as my immune system.*

dōTERRA suggest "add one to two drops of Copaiba oil to water, juice, or make your own tea using warm water and honey", but I prefer to add it to my homemade chocolate, especially if I'm craving chocolate around certain times of the month!

Deep Blue

Use aromatically and topically

I have found a new relationship with Deep Blue since I broke my hand back in October. I used to think it smelled like the changing rooms of a rugby club, and I guess I still do, but without all the nasty chemicals involved in some of their muscle rubs/sprays, which means it doesn't trigger my asthma of make me wheeze!

Rehab has been hard on my hand, but I've found massaging in some Deep Blue before and after helps not only soothe my muscles and tendons, but warms them up ready for work. It also prevents them from being so sore the next day and allows me to keep moving/mobility which is crucial for my recovery.

If you're not an athlete, and you don't have an injury, you might be wondering 'what would I do with Deep Blue?" well, I can tell you even if you just have tired feet from a long walk or aching shoulders from sitting at your desk in zoom meetings all day, a little foot or back rub from a partner with this oil will make you feel so much better!

Growing kids can also benefit from a little Deep Blue and Copaiba blended together with a lotion or carrier oil to soothe aching legs at night.

I also recently learned about using this oil in a diffuser for emotional benefits. The Essential Emotions book says "Deep Blue is generally used for physical pain, but it can also assist individuals who are resisting or avoiding emotions the emotions that underlie their physical pain". It goes on to talk about offering strength to face emotional wounds and teaching acceptance and tolerance for their pain. Doesn't that sound like an oil we all need to be diffusing regularly?!!


Use aromatically, topically and internally

Zengest is designed to aid digestion and is a helpful addition to any meal, but particularly those richer meals that can leave you feeling bloated. Just a drop or two in a glass of water, or if you aren't a fan of the taste (it's like licorice) then you can pop a few drops in a veggie capsule and take it that way.

You can diffuse this oil in the car on long journeys if you have little ones who get queasy, or rub it on sore bellies. We use a TONNE of this oil in our house, as both my children get sore tummies as a symptom of social anxiety.

Smart & Sassy

Use aromatically, topically and internally

Smart and sassy is also great for calming the stomach, so it's the perfect pairing with zengest in this offer. It also helps to promote a healthy metabolism and reduce cravings*. It's pleasant to drink, just a couple of drops in water 15-20 mins before a meal, sweet in the diffuser, but my favourite use is topically.

I've on and off done dry brushing for many years (it was a key part of my recovery from ME/CFS) but someone gave me a tip a few years ago of adding Smart & Sassy to my brush for a more invigorating massage and it's true!

This is one of my most favourite uses for this oil now. If you don't know how to do dry brushing, then this is a great 'how-to' video:


Use aromatically, topically and internally

Spearmint, like both oils above, can be taken internally to soothe digestive upsets. What makes this oil so used in our household is that my son is VERY sensitive to peppermint, but finds spearmint much gentler on his skin.

I personally find spearmint to be a useful oil for helping with concentration and focus (hello mid-afternoon slump!) but also very cooling. I like to mix it with tangerine and lime in my water bottle when I'm training, it tastes AMAZING (like a virgin mojito) but also keeps me cool and stops my face turning red like a tomato!

Spearmint is also great for promoting confidence and self-expression, so I'll often use it before public speaking - or diffuse it in the car when taking my daughter somewhere new (she has autism and new places can make her feel timid).

I also like to add a drop of peppermint and a drop of spearmint to warm water to create a mint tea blend that's a little more three dimensional than just peppermint that's uplifting, particularly when the sun's disappeared again which can leave me feeling a little blue.

One final tip - add a drop to your toothbrush before you brush your teeth to enjoy fresh breath for hours!


Use aromatically, topically and internally

Lime is such an amazing flavour (hence why I pair it with spearmint in my mojito water) and I often add a drop or two to green juices or smoothies I'm serving my children.
"Why is it green?"

"It's lime flavoured"

Sneaky, right?

Lime can be substituted for lime juice in virtually any recipe and it's worth checking out a few of these:

Lime is also great for respiratory health and like all citrus oils incredibly uplifting to the mood. I like to diffuse it in the mornings when we all need a bit more 'get up and go' with either a drop of spearmint or peppermint if we're feeling sluggish or a floral oil such as lavender or geranium if we're having a slow, snuggly morning.

Lime is a great top note if you are making your own scents. Tonnes of perfumes on the market have lime as a top note but your CPTG lime will carry significantly more health benefits that the synthetic version!

Fun fact: did you know that Lime is actually a berry?
Botanically speaking, a berry is a pitless, seeded fruit that originated from one flower.


Use aromatically and topically

Purify is one of the earliest dōTERRA oils I owned!
It was product of the month in the first month I joined LRP (many moons ago) and I fell in love. As many of you know, I struggle with executive function (part of autism) and getting laundry in and out of the machine in a timely manner is the bane of my life. Couple that with the fact that my family seem to enjoy leaving wet swim kit in bags hidden all over the house, and we can get some pretty interesting smells going on.

I hate smells like that, but re-washing seems like such a waste of water - enter purify! A few drops on a flannel thrown into the dryer with the offending items will sort the smell.

It's also great for stinky trainers (why won't my kids wear socks???) and anything else that needs an unpleasant aroma removed, rather than just masked - like my car after a wet dog has jumped in the boot!

Add a few drops to your DIY cleaning recipes and I like to put a few drops on a piece of kitchen paper that I place inside the lid of my kitchen bin to keep things smelling fresh in there.

Finally, purify is great for soothing sore, itchy spots. My son is super allergic to mosquitos, so we like to have some purify in a roller bottle during bug bite season to soothe those itches whenever he needs it and as a bonus, the oil contains citronella so he can sleep in peace.

Purify is also great for cleansing the air. Try one of my favourite diffuser recipes: 

3 drops Purify, 2 drops Pink Pepper and 1 drop Green Mandarin.

If you want more info on how to get your hands on these great offers - get in touch! You have until midnight Wednesday, providing stocks don't sell out!

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