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Strategies for Staying Focussed

· Essential Oils,mental health

As someone who's neurodiverse, attention is something that doesn't always come easy. I'm either super-focussed or not concentrating at all and it can be really hard to find a healthy middle ground.

When I'm struggling to focus, there are a few things I need to check on:

If all of those things are in check (or even if they aren't) there are some great essential oil blends that can help:

  • give me more clarity
  • support memory retention
  • reduce stress and anxious feelings
  • improve low mood
  • help me feel energized

Vetiver, Eucalyptus & Lavender - for when I need grounding

Sometimes my mind is just running all over the place with a thousand new idea and I can't get it to settle on just one. While I find vetiver sends me straight to sleep if I use it topically, in this diffuser blend it's perfect for just helping me feel relaxed, but alert.
The sharp menthol of eucalyptus is fresh and promotes clarity, whilst lavender soothes overstimulation.

Lemon, Peppermint & Rosemary - for when I'm too tired to concentrate

Lemon's bright, citrusy aroma is so good for energizing me and supporting my mood. I always feel happier with lemon in the diffuser and it blends so beautifully with Rosemary which is renowned for focus and memory. Throw in some peppermint with it's cool, refreshing fragrance and I'm going to feel more alert and ready to get on task with a clearer mind.

Clary Sage, Patchouli & Wild Orange - for when I'm downhearted

You have to be in a fairly good mood to learn, concentrate, and if I'm feeling down I tend to ruminate on what went wrong, replaying things I could have done differently.
Clary sage is great for this type of inattentiveness, gently bringing your attention back to the present, while patchouli is calming and balancing.
Wild orange is invigorating, energising and improves awareness.

Anyone can benefit from these and other blends to help support their brain function, whether at school, at work or keeping on top of admin at home. Functioning at your best helps you to achieve more, leaving more time to enjoy your other interests.

If you're looking for more support in this area, keep an eye out for our events next month, where our coaches can help you get started, and subscribe to my monthly newsletter for more updates!

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