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15 ways to use Epsom Salts

 Whether you're trying to save money, reduce waste, or find clean products that support your health, DIY options are usually the best options for your home.  When you first get sta...

Delicious Tangerine Chocolate

 Tangerine is one of my favourite essential oils and I like to make sure we've always got a good stock of it in the house.  Citrus oils in general are very uplifting and mood boost...

Making Magnesium Lotion: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

In days of old, before running water in our taps and chlorinated pools, we used wells, springs, rivers, and ocean water to drink, bathe and exercise. Whilst convenient access to cl...

Oil Pulling

Have you ever heard of Oil pulling? Oil pulling is a very old ayurvedic tradition, but it's gained popularity in recent years and it's so simple to do. The basic premise is t...

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