The Home Edit: Kids Rooms

If you're joining us today for the first time on the home edit, start at day one - the kitchen.

The Home Edit: Kids Rooms

Shopping List

For the dōTERRA DIY's you will need:

My top tips 

Get to know you and your child's organisational style, so that you can create a space that works for them, and train them in a system that won't break them. This book (also available as an ebook and audiobook) was so scarily accurate I was SHOOK when I read it. It's definitely changed the way we've set up our new house and so far it's working really well for us.

This was the type of bed my son had seen and been inspired by when we started looking at building him a bed.

And this was what it looked like as we were piecing it together:



These are the single bed slats we used to build my son's bed.

This is his motion sensor light underneath the bed. It's USB rechargeable and stuck on with magnets.

I forgot to mention it in the video, but my kids both have these 'sunset projection' lamps which they saw and loved from TikTok. I am super happy about them because they project red/orange light, so they're perfect for winding down in the evening without the blue light that affects their sleep. Very worth the investment if you have children/teenagers who are struggling to wind down at night.

I actually loved these lamps so much we ended up buying another one for our bedroom too!

Hope that helps - see you tomorrow!

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