The Home Edit: Bedroom

If you're joining us for the home edit for the first time, start on Day one - the kitchen.

The Home Edit: Bedroom 

The Shopping list

These are the items you need to create doTERRA's DIY projects (click on photos to purchase):

Roller bottles can be purchased more cheaply than these, but in my experience, they often leak and or break. I love the dōTERRA rollers and try to reuse those whenever I can (it's easy to pull the tops off, run them through a dishwasher and refill with whatever you like!) If you don't yet have a stockpile of empty rollers, this brand work well and don't leak/break easily.

My top tips

I love folding, rather than hanging, my clothes wherever possible. I find it to be such a mindful activity, putting laundry away, when I fold things neatly in their drawers. It also encourages me to touch every item and think about it - Does it need a repair? Do I still like wearing it? Is it time to retire the item? 

If you've never folded clothes before, here's a playlist of videos to teach you how.

Adjustable drawer dividers make it super easy to keep sections organised within my drawers. 

I know not everyone has devices in their bedrooms (and I think that is awesome!) but if you do, a charging unit can be super helpful to gather all of those items together. It also only needs one socket, so it's easier to hide wiring behind a headboard or chest of drawers, helping your room feel calmer and less cluttered.

These are the light therapy glasses that I talk about. They're not cheap, but I've had them for around 8 years now and in the winter they make a huge difference to me feeling like I can function as a human being in the mornings!!

I had a few queries after this video about why I use verage toner as a deodorant, so if you want to know more about that, here's the link. 

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