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Home Edit Day 2: Laundry

Laundry is one of my least favourite household tasks, but we've found some great routines that help us to work through that using todoist. As a family of visual organisers (check out clutterbug to find your organisational style) we use Dakboard to keep everything that needs to happen front and centre in our home, including our laundry routines.

The Shopping list

Most of the DIYs throughout the rest of the week will use ingredients you already bought in yesterday's kitchen list, but here are the extras you might want to pick up for laundry DIYs:
I love these sponges that arrive flat but inflate to full size really quickly. They're also compostable and perfect for the dryer sponges DIY in the course. I've also linked some witch hazel in case your local pharmacy doesn't have any.

And these are my top picks for the laundry room:

 Wool dryer balls are great. I have been using these for years instead of fabric softener and dryer sheets. I simply add a few drops of essential oil to the ball and drop them in the dryer with the laundry. Not only does everything come out smelling delicately fragranced, but really soft and with no static.
Bonus tip: if you left your laundry in the machine a little too long, lemon eucalyptus will sort that right out ;-) 
These dosing balls are £7.99 on Amazon, but I recently found out you can get one free, by just applying using this link. I HIGHLY recommend dosing balls, because they go in the drum of the machine and you don't have to deal with cleaning out a funky drawer full of old soap.

Completely forgot to mention it in the video, but I also love using the Onguard cleaner concentrate as a stain remover. I just mix it 50:50 with some water and keep it in one of these roller bottles by the machine in case anything needs a little extra cleaning power.

My foldaway laundry rack

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Gillian mather

Sep 03, 2021 08:22 AM BST

Some programmes need you to use the drawer if you are doing a prewash setting but my top tip is every week pull the whole drawer out , spritz with on guard and put in dishwasher to keep it gunk free. Works a treat

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