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Day 1 - The Kitchen

Shopping List

So, you may not want to do all of the DIYs in the home edit (maybe have a quick scroll through today and see what you plan to do) but I've listed all the ingredients you need to complete the entire course(!) below so that you know where to find them if you want to. 

I'm a big fan of reusing glass spray bottles and jars, or picking them up in a local charity shop, but I've added some cute ones here in case you don't currently have access to them and can't get out. 

I also love to use refill stores whenever possible, but my capacity doesn't always allow for that, so if you are part of the neurodivergent family or you just need struggle care at this moment in your life, I've tried to include as many links as possible that are subscriptions so you can make this routine a part of your life at the best price, with the least hassle possible.

dōTERRA DIY ingredients
•  baking soda 
•  glass jar (32 oz)
• Castile soap 

My top recommendations (click pictures for more details):

Dishwashing soap is an awesome plastic free alternative to washing up liquid. It's really cheap, lasts for months at a time, and if you pair it with one of these self-draining soap holders it drains back into the sink you're working in, so it's an absolute win. I like to use this scrubbing brush with it. 

I maximise storage space for cleaning products under my sink with these pullout shelves. They're super easy to put up (they use really strong stickers) and hold cleaning bottles and supplies easily. 

I recommend lining drawers and cupboards with vinyl. It's easy to wipe clean, but if it ever gets really gross (or you want to update your kitchen) you can replace it. This is super important in our kitchen island, which we built from two Ikea Hemnes units back to back as they weren't designed for kitchen use and the drawers aren't waterproof on their own. We literally just bolted them together and screwed a huge countertop on them to make the perfect island and breakfast bar for our kitchen.

We painted our kitchen cupboards to update the look and make the kitchen feel more of a calm grey (you'll notice that theme throughout our home. The kids and I all prefer calmer colours). I cannot praise this brand of paint highly enough. It was SO easy to use and dried really fast. The finishing coat is amazing too. If you want more on how to paint your kitchen, I highly recommend joining the Frenchic Fan Forum on Facebook.

If you want to steal our look, we used Swanky Pants on the top cupboards, City Chic on the base units and Smudge inside open shelving.

This is the worktop oil we're going to use on the wooden countertop of our Kitchen Island. It's embedded with silver which makes it anti-bacterial, and waterproof, so perfect for our hard-working countertop.

Swedish dish cloths are the best. An ideal replacement for disposable kitchen towel, they absorb way more, and are so easy to clean and reuse - just throw them in the dishwasher!

When they reach the end of their lifespan, you can compost them too.

Rotating shelves like these ones from Joseph Joseph are great for helping to maximise storage in cupboards and still keep everything accessible. 

My Magimix food processor and a good quality stick blender are essential in our home. They're used every single day and they make meal prep super fast and easy. The Magimix was a wedding present from my brother (who used to work for them) and it's still going strong. If it died tomorrow I would not hesitate to purchase another one. They're a brilliant investment making nutritious food every day, because it takes the stress and labour out and means meal prep that would have taken 10-15 minutes takes seconds.

Speaking of meal prep, we also use Plan To Eat, which has all our recipes planned out ready to go and allows us to meal plan and generate shopping lists in minutes. You can get a free 30-day trial (and access to my recipes) when you use this link. 

If you head over to the "plan" tab once you're in, you can select 'menu' button on the right hand side at the top, then drag in the home edit menu to have all my bonus cleaning recipes for this programme added to your calendar. :-) 

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