Canadian Summer BOGOs!

I hope you didn't think we'd forgotten about you Canada? 

I didn't email you as quickly as the UK customers because the European Market were a bit ahead of the US and Canada in announcing our offers, but we've got some great ones for you too.

Things work a little differently over there, so your BOGO's go live at midnight (MST) and you can purchase the super value BOGO box (buy five, get seven free) immediately, or you can wait as each mystery oil is revealed daily and choose just the ones you want.

That means I don't know every oil you're going to be getting, but I can tell you about the ones that have been released so far:

Hopefully you're signed up for my newsletter already and there's more info on each individual oil in your inbox waiting for you!

If you'd like more info about any specific oils, message Christine (she's in your timezone!) so that we can help you.
We love chatting oils!

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