Essential Essentials: What Stays Out of Storage

As many of you know by now, we are moving house!

Matt's promotion, whilst an exciting opportunity, left us very short notice to leave our home and realistically not enough time to find anywhere new to move into. Parents have stepped up (aren't they amazing) and whilst we're selling a lot of our larger furniture and having a massive declutter, we're also having to place some things in storage.

Recently someone asked me if my oils were going into storage and my impulse was 'no way!!' but when I really thought about it, and how much space we will realistically have whilst staying with parents, we can get by with a lot less than we have for a few weeks.
So, here are the essential essential oils, that will be staying out of storage, for our family to travel with:

Personal Care items: 

Obviously, we're going to be keeping our shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc... out, but extra bottles of handwash concentrate and cleaner concentrate can be packed because my mum has all those things covered.

We'll still be keeping a bottle of Terrashield spray and a bottle of On Guard hand sanitizer in my handbag, but hopefully won't get through a whole bottle in the month.  


We'll be keeping out enough Lifelong Vitality and Terrazyme for the family, but also some deep blue polyphenols to help my son with inflammation and Mito2Max for my energy levels. 

The Oils: 

  • Roman Chamomile - we love to diffuse this at bedtime and the familiarity will help cue our bodies that it's time for sleep, even in different bedrooms.
  • Wild Orange/Green Mandarin - I haven't decided between these two yet, both are great for flavouring our water daily and uplifting mood, but I'm going to be ruthless and pick one. Maybe. Or maybe I'll keep both. 
  • Copaiba - because I take a drop under my tongue every day to support my immune system and soothe nerves.
  • Neroli/Davana - I couldn't pick between these two beautiful oils that I use daily, so I decided to make a 50:50 blend in a roller to take with me and it is AMAZING. I find these oils really soothing when I am stressed (hello house move) and have been literally slathering myself in them for weeks now. 
  • Helichrysum touch - because I know my parents don't have this oil and you never know when injuries will strike!
  • Frankincense touch - My daughter often gets nose bleeds at night and this has been a game-changer for us. 
  • Lavender & Melaleuca touch - My daughter's two favourite oils, she has them inside a teddy bear at night and doesn't go anywhere without those bottles. 
  • Tamer - because my kids get tummy aches when stressed.
  • Rescuer - for soothing sore teenage legs in the evening.
  • Balance - Living with other people, even if they're your parents, always increases conflict in the first few weeks. I'll be diffusing balance regularly to keep everyone grounded and kind to one another. Plus it's my son's favourite 'calm down' oil.

    Anything you think I've missed?

    What would your essential essential oils be? 

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Emma Holloway

Jul 31, 2021 07:40 AM BST

Minty oils.... These are my favourite..

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