Dry Brushing

 Have you heard of dry brushing? 

This super simple self care step can make a big difference if you struggle with slow lymphatic drainage (shout out to all my friends with long term fatigue!) and is a really easy way to support your bodies lymphatic system in removing waste products.

Often when we hear the word 'detox' people assume I'm talking about some magic drink that tastes awful and helps you lose weight - I promise, that's not what detox is about! Your body is amazing and has a wonderful detoxification and filtration system built into it, but over time, if we tax it more heavily than it can manage, it may need a little help.

That, among other reasons, is why I'm a big fan of fasting - it gives your body a break from 'input' and allows it to process what it's currently dealing with.

Your lymphatic system runs alongside your blood vessels, and it takes everything your body is done with (toxins, waste products from normal metabolic processes, dead pathogens and antibodies) and processes them ready to send to the kidneys for elimination. Unlike your circulatory system though, there's no heart to pump the fluid around.  That's okay, because it has a series of one way valves that allow the lymph to drain in the right direction and not backflow away from the nodes we want to send it to. Valves are great, but if you aren't actively moving, those vessels don't get squeezed and push the lymph fluid through them.

Sure, a little bit of squeeze happens every time your blood vessels dilate and contract, but it's minimal. The best way to get lymph moving is to get your body moving - walk, stretch, dance, jump... it doesn't matter, just move, your muscles will do the squeezing.

But what if you're chronically ill and can't move too much?

This is where we get a self fulfilling cycle of not being able to move because of pain, and pain increasing as inflammation increase because we aren't effectively clearing the lymphatic system.

In these situations I always recommend massage, as often as you can - either from a professional or a partner.  

As well as massage though, dry brushing is a really effective way of stimulating the lymphatic system.

Here's a great video from a cancer rehab physical therapist:

Great oils to support your dry brushing (just place a few drops on your brush) are:

  • Cypress
  • Fennel
  • Lemongrass
  • Grapefruit 
  • Zendocrine (10% off for the rest of this month!)
  • Smart n Sassy

    Give it a go and let us know how you get on! 

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