I can finally announce that we're moving house!!

After 10 years of living in a boarding house as house parents, my husband has had an amazing promotion to the leadership team within the school, which means we will no longer be living on the school site. It's a bitter-sweet time, we'll miss so many of the boys, and our time here, but also really excited to finally be moving into our own home and having evenings and weekends to ourselves again.

It's particularly stressful for our neurodivergent family, as neither children can remember ever living anywhere else, and considering their response to me repainting the bathroom ("I'm not used to this colour. Can you make it like it was before?") they're going to need a lot of support in the next few weeks!

Things are moving extremely fast, as we have to make space for the new housemaster and his family, so we have seven weeks to move find a house and move into it. Not only that, but for those who don't know, living in a boarding house is like living in a mansion, so all of our furniture is oversized and won't fit in a normal home!

We're going to be selling pretty much everything we can before we go, so we can buy things that will fit in our new place, but we're also just downsizing our lives generally and taking time to pause and look at how much we've accumulated over the years that we don't actually use. My daughter in particular has a really hard time letting things go, and I believe that this is a muscle that we have to build gently, so as a family we're taking a 30 day decluttering challenge. I've told the children that we will give them £1 for every day that they successfully complete the challenge. We've set up the whiteboard to track everybody's progress.

Day 1 - donate, sell or throw out one item
Day 2 - donate, sell or throw out two items
Day 3 - ...etc....

By the end of 30 days, each member of our family will have gotten rid of 465 items, which means that as a family we will have managed a whopping 1,860!

Do we have that many items to get rid of?

And I don't want to be unpacking things we don't love into our new home.

If you're looking to declutter and get the minimalist vibe going in your home, I'd love you to join me so we can encourage one another along the way.

Let me know!

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