Consistency is key

I don't know if you're like me, but I tend to get VERY excited about new oils. I've just booked my ticket for convention online because even though I'm sad I don't get to go on a trip with my team, I'm still super excited to learn about all the new product releases.

Every time dōTERRA releases a new product I get super excited about trying it, which is fun, but sometimes it leads me to forget about the old faithful oils that originally made the biggest impact on my life.

And that's okay, sometimes things are with us for a season, and actually, I fully support changing your oils up regularly to keep your microbiome (and microvirome!) diverse. Whilst it's estimated that it takes pathogens 2000-3000x longer to become resistant to an essential oil than an antibiotic, I'm still a big fan of keeping a wide variety of oils in your life. Just like a wide and varied diet is important for nutrition, a wide and varied sensory diet is important for our bodies.


Every time I feel like I'm struggling with something I've previously overcome, it inevitably comes down to me getting out of the habit of using something that I need.

Whether it's an attention deficit issue or a PDA issue, I just slowly start resenting routine (not what you expect from an autistic person, right?). It's the same with drinking enough. I know it's important, I know that my health improves when I do it, but having poor interoception means I rely on alarms to tell me when to drink, but over time those alarms feel like demands and I start not wanting to drink when I see them.

So how do I get the results I want with my oils? 

1. Remind myself how it felt before - When I am struggling to sleep, I try to remind myself of how great I felt when I did put Roman Chamomile in my diffuser, and vetiver in my face cream.

2. Write testimonials - sharing a testimonial of how an oil has changed my life (either in the forums or on social media) means that I have it to return to when I need reminding; but also that other people will keep me accountable on it. I can't tell you how many times I've complained about something and somebody says 'didn't X oil fix that for you?' and I awkwardly admit that 'yes, it did. I stopped using it though because I forgot'. Then I pull that oil out and start using it again!

3. Place oils where I use them - yeah, this means my house isn't always Pinterest neat and tidy, BUT if I can't see it, my brain forgets it exists, so no oils hidden away in boxes. My regular use oils are out where I need them.
You'll often hear the clicking sound of roller bottles attached to keychains on my backpack as I approach.
Why not in the backpack?
Because I'll forget they exist!!

4. Anchor them to another habit - How do I remember to put my thyroid blend on my throat regularly? It's next to my LLV & thyroid medication. I have to take that to function as a human, so making a habit that every time I take my medication I take my supplements and oils too makes it routine. I keep tulsi in the bathroom, so when I brush my teeth I can add a drop to my oil chews straight after. Citrus oils live by my water filter so that I can easily grab them when I'm making a drink.

How do you stay consistent with your oil use?
Let me know!

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