Lemon & Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic is springing up in every woodland and whether you're a forager or, like me, you deliberately plant your garden up with perennial vegetables to harvest throughout the year, you've probably got plenty of this beautiful, delicately flavored  plant to work with.
 One of my favourite recipes to make with it is this stunning Lemon & Wild Garlic pesto.

I use macadamia nuts rather than pine nuts, because we tend to have them in more often, they're loaded with antioxidants and great for blood sugar control, but you can switch them out.  If you're a little short on wild garlic, you can replace up to half with nettles and get a really similar flavour, but honestly, if you have enough wild garlic that's the best. 

Using lemon essential oil in this recipe not only tastes incredible, but it's a fantastic mood booster after long dark days of winter as well as being a powerful cleanser and aiding digestion. Perfect for a little spring cleaning of the body! A word of caution though, as always, I only recommend taking doTERRA essential oils internally. Please do NOT switch this out for another brand of oils unless they specifically state that their oil is safe to take internally. Not all essential oils are safe for consumption.

Just make sure you pick less than a third of the leaves to allow the plant to regrow next year. You don't want to lose your garlic supply!

This pesto is beautiful in all kinds of dishes, but my absolute favourite way to enjoy it is with some lightly cooked zucchini noodles or 'courgetti' as they're often called in the UK. Super fast, easy lunch that the whole family enjoys.

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