Focus & Concentration

Sometimes I'm hyper-focused on a task, to the exclusion of all other tasks, but sometimes I'm definitely not.

Lack of focus can lead to me needing to re-wash the laundry five times (because I've left it more than 24 hours in the machine), burning the dinner because I was distracted by someone texting me, or forgetting for the second week in a row to order a repeat prescription (I'm writing this on a Friday night three hours after the pharmacy closed!) None of these are ideal, so I do my best to combat my lack of focus with a few simple tricks.

They don't always work perfectly, but often they do, so feel free to give them a go if you're finding your mind wandering off to places it shouldn't be!

Set the mood

I like to put on some music, depending on my mood it could be pretty much anything, but if I can sing along, auditory input and vocal output helps me keep my mind busy so I don't get bored and walk away to do something else.

Not in the mood for music?
Sometimes I watch lectures on YouTube. This is great because if it's deep learning on a subject I am focused on, it will hold me in the room because I don't want to miss it.

Diffuser ON

Obviously, I need some oils on to help keep me focused and happy with my task. Thinker is a great blend to roll on my wrists and neck. I also love this Clarity & Focus blend in my diffuser.

Other great oils you can play with for focus are Basil, Douglas fir, Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Don't walk away mid-task

Out of sight, out of mind. If I've left the room I'm probably not coming back unless I set an alarm on my phone. (see next point)
For example, today our Meal Planner said 'Sloppy Joes'¹ for dinner. That means I need to make bread buns. I could use the paleo dinner roll recipe I normally use, which has some proving and oven time....... but today I was feeling super distractible so I decided to go with a savoury waffle² recipe instead, which requires me to stand over the waffle iron and make each one so that I don't disappear upstairs and forget I left them in the oven.

Set some alarms

If you have to leave the room (I mean, it would be a bit ridiculous of me to sit and watch clothes in the machine for 45 minutes) set an alarm. My iPhone has sooooo many alarms in it. I even set double reminders to give myself time to transition between tasks. If it's a task that involves a child, I invite them to the event so that they get a notification on their phone too. If it's their laundry, they can move it!

Something Sour or Minty

Not sure why this helps but it sure does! A strong flavour always helps me concentrate. If I'm feeling sleepy I sometimes lick a drop of peppermint oil from the back of my hand. Suck a sour gummy sweet³ made with grapefruit essential oil. Dried mango is another great option, I like to toss a few pieces in a jar with a little lime oil and shake to cover them and give them an extra flavour boost. Today I chose Slim & Sassy gum, which has grapefruit and peppermint oils in it.

Do you have any great tips for focus and concentration? I'd love to hear them.

1,2,3, All of these recipes can be found in Plan To Eat when you add me as a friend with this link. You'll get a 30-day free trial (no credit card necessary!) but you won't want to use much of it because next week on the 27th-30th November they're slashing their price to $1.60 a month and you don't want to miss that deal!

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