What's in my Spa Bag?

This year I spent most of my birthday in hospital, which was pretty disappointing. Fortunately, my very generous mother in law had bought me a spa-day voucher for my birthday, which I took a week later as my birthday do-over.

I made a comment on instagram that I was going to be going to a spa, but bringing my own oils, then switched my phone off (because it’s a spa) and spent the next 8 hours relaxing. When I switched my phone back on, there were a whole host of messages from people wanting to know which oils I take to a spa with me, so here’s the break down:

Red Mandarin

When I walked in, I was offered a complimentary glass of prosecco. This is pretty standard on spa days and lots of people there seemed to be sharing glasses of champagne and I even saw some shot glasses about.
I can’t drink, thanks to my thyroid condition, but even if I did - drinking in a spa is a really bad idea. Not only is there a pool (swimming and drinking shouldn’t really mix) but you’re going to get super dehydrated in a spa, going in and out of saunas etc… so it’s really important to stay hydrated.
I asked if my prosecco could be switched for a bottle of sparkling water, then added a drop of red mandarin for cleansing drink that was hydrating, refreshing and still felt like a treat. I know, red mandarin is limited edition and you might not have it. Green mandarin works equally well and so does tangerine, wild orange, grapefruit, lemon, smart n sassy…. You get the picture.
Bring a nice flavoured oil.


I brought Copaiba with me, because you can’t really relax unless you brought copaiba with you, in my humble opinion.


Not technically an oil, but I brought it with me because I always bring it with me if I’m going to be eating out somewhere. If I didn’t cook it, I’m never quite sure what’s in it, so I take my terrazyme, just to be sure.

Deep blue rub

I've been suffering with ME/CFS symptoms a bit recently, one of the biggest being joint pain and muscle fatigue, particularly in my knees, calves, ankles and feet. Walking/standing is really sore. I find deep blue rub to be extremely helpful, but rubbing it on before going into a heat treatment like a sauna or a steam room takes it to a whole new level. The heat activates the menthol and it honestly becomes the most amazingly soothing experience. Give it a try if you ever go somewhere with a sauna and thank me later.

Salon Essentials

About 90 mins before I’m due to leave is time to break out the Salon Essentials hair care system. I don’t bring the big bottles with me, I use these silicone travel bottles for the shampoo and conditioner, which I have refilled over and over again and I love them. I bring the root to top serum as it is. My basic plan is to massively over condition my hair to try and reverse some of the bleach damage I’ve done to it (top tip: Never dye your hair black and then try to go back to blonde). 
I shampoo as normal, then comb through conditioner and clip my hair up. Head back to the saunas and steam rooms for 30 minutes and let the heat help the conditioner to really penetrate the hair follicles.
Then I like to rinse, apply root to tip serum all over my scalp, run it through my hair and head back for another steam. The peppermint, eucalyptus and marjoram in this serum will be activated by heat, just like the deep blue rub, and create a beautiful soothing sensation.

Verage Immortelle serum:

I actually use the Verage skin care all the time and love it, but for a spa day I love to layer on the serum before using heat treatments and let it soak into my skin. All those heat treatments are dehydrating and oils can help your skin hold onto the moisture it needs. I'd love to have been brave enough to add some blue tansy, but it’s still a public place, and the smurf look isn’t cool, so I decided to give that oil a miss.

Finally - what did I not bring that I wish I had?

The Spa hand and body lotion with lavender, roman chamomile and helichrysum.
This is literally the best after sun lotion I have ever used.
When ME rears it’s ugly head, one of the first things that happens is my body stops tanning and I start burning. It was a really hot day, and I spent far too long in the outdoor pool and I’m definitely more lobster than bronzed goddess. First thing I did when I got home was make myself up a little soothing after sun lotion with these.

What would you take to a spa day?
Any products you think I’ve missed?

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