My Shower Routine

Have you ever been so tired that you just can't quite seem to get anything done?

I recently mentioned on a facebook live about the fact that I came home from a conference and was so tired that I literally forgot how to shower. I went in, started washing my hair, got distracted watching water roll down the tiles, when I got out I realised I still had conditioner on. I got back into the shower and finished up, got out and realised I'd forgotten to shave!

It's not fun getting back into a cold damp towel when you are getting out of the shower for the third time!

Seriously - I need routines!

Routines have another purpose though, on top of making sure I’m actually hygienically clean, they’re self-care. I like to create self-care routines because otherwise I don’t look after myself. I think that’s true to some degree of most people, particularly those who are responsible for other people. There’s a huge adjustment period when you become a new parent and it’s easy to stop caring for yourself when you’re prioritising a helpless newborn. In reality, most parents I know rarely recover and start caring about themselves, even long after their children are quite capable of being responsible for themselves - they are so ingrained in the habit of putting their needs last. It becomes habit to ignore yourself.

So in case you need some help getting back together and you want to borrow a routine, here’s my shower routine to help you out.

1. Turn on the shower and get under it. I also hit 'go' on my oasis shower diffuser, which I LOVE. It's currently got Douglas Fir and Elevation in it, as I'm trying to focus on bringing more joy into my life.

2. The first thing I like to do is massage in my Verage cleanser. Wild Orange, Basil and Melaleuca essential oils are great for cleansing and smell incredible. It’s soft and foamy and feels like a treat on my skin.

3. Apply shampoo. I use Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo, it’s got wild orange and lime essential oils in it, which smell amazing and uplifting. Those oils are going to be a recurrent theme in this post. I like to use a shampoo brush to foam it all up and make sure I’ve massaged every inch of my scalp. After I rinse that off it’s time for step 4.

4. Reveal Facial System Refining polish with Kaolin, bamboo and you guessed it… Wild Orange and Lime essential oils. I scrub it in, don’t rinse it off and then step 5

5. Salon essentials smoothing conditioner - with lavender, marjoram, cedarwood, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. It’s great for split ends and it’s really thick so I spread it over my wet hair and then comb it through with my shampoo brush.6. Massage in the Reveal system peptide activator. Wild orange and soothing aloe vera melts away the refining polish.

7. I like to brush my teeth whilst I have the peptide activator on. I use On Guard whitening toothpaste. As well as the On Guard immune-boosting blend, it contains myrrh oil for gum health and peppermint oil for fresh breath. My toothbrush is electric and it buzzes every 30 seconds so I know when the two minutes are up and it’s time to remove the peptide activator.

8. Next I use the Spa refreshing body wash to shave with. It has bergamot, grapefruit and cedarwood. There’s no wild orange, but it’s certainly continuing the citrusy theme. I've heard of people using the conditioner to shave with, but I’m not personally a fan of the minty-cold feel under my arms! The spa body wash foams up beautifully.

9. Finally it’s time to remove the conditioner. By now my hair has had plenty of time to become silky, shiny and smooth.

10. I turn off the shower, spritz my face with the Verage toner. Ylang ylang, coriander and cypress essential oils are great for improving my mood, as well as the skin benefit properties they were intended for. I also spritz some under my arms, as this is my natural favourite deodorant.

11. I like to wrap my hair in a t-shirt, rather than a towel. I picked it up after I dyed my hair black and had to use a LOT of bleach to get it out. Something my hair hated. A friend taught me that using a t-shirt to dry my hair causes less damage than a towel and the bonus is that it takes up less space in my washing machine and dries more quickly than a towel, so it’s eco-friendly too.

12. I then smooth the Verage Immortelle Serum over my face and neck. It contains Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose in a base of jojoba and macadamia nut oil. I love how I’m getting these incredible oils into my routine and my body. They’re some of the most valuable oils in the world and it makes me feel so pampered every time I use them.

13. My last skin care step is to smooth on the Verage moisturiser with aloe vera, jasmine and geranium.

14. I take a swig of On Guard Mouthwash, and swish it around my mouth whilst rubbing the root to tip serum into my scalp with my finger tips. Lavender, peppermint, marjoram, cedarwood, eucalyptus and rosemary leave a cool tingling sensation that makes me feel really clean, refreshed and ready to start my day. If I’m going to wear my hair straight, the next step is to blow dry my hair, but if I’m going to wear it curly I’ll scrunch a little healthy hold glaze into it to prevent frizz. It’s really soft and not at all crunchy, but the hold is really good. My son uses it when he wants to style his hair too, because after blow drying his hair texture doesn’t feel different at all (he hates products that are sticky), it’s just like his normal hair, but lying in the direction he wants it to be.
FINALLY I’ll roll on one of my perfume oils over my pulse points on wrists and neck.

I have a few different options for this, depending on what I feel like each day, but generally I pick up Passion, Console, Brave, Rose or ClaryCalm (ready made rollers) or my own blends* “Happy Mummy” or “Sensory Soother”.

So that’s my shower routine.

 It sounds like it would take forever when you write it all out like that, but it’s really no time at all.

It's part necessity, but it always feels like a luxury because it’s taking that time to look after myself with some amazing, beautiful, products, and I like knowing that I included over 20 different powerful essential oils in that short routine - something my mind and body are always grateful for.

Often when people are new to essential oils they struggle to build the new habits of putting them on everyday. Creating a shower routine, like mine, is a really good way to make sure you are incorporating oils everyday. Using the ready made products can save you an awful lot of time, and are often simple switches for things you're already doing. 

Plus you can get up to 30% credit back on them if you purchase on LRP, which adds up to lots of free oils! 

It's the smartest way to buy your oils. 

If you need help setting it up, talk to the person who helped you set up your account, or if you don't have an account already, book a free wellness consultation with me and I'll help you get started.

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