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Essential oils are powerful and I'm here to help you learn how to use them to create greater health. It's time to live better!

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With pure essential oils, we can experience greater health and wellness than ever before... 

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Learn how to use doTERRA essential oils to live well and feel better faster.


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Join with us to share hope and make this world a better place together.

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Hi, I'm Katie-jo.

With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know what tools to use to make the biggest difference.

Before I first discovered essential oils I was completely burned out and felt like I couldn't add anything else to my life, but over our time using the most pure essential oils on the planet, our family has found them to be incredibly powerful and helpful.

So much so, that I retired from teaching functional nutrition to share these precious gifts with as many people as I could.

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If you've been looking for more meaning and depth in your life, we're here to support you!
We know you were born for big things.

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